Saturday, April 30, 2011

So, you opened an Etsy shop...?

I’ve been thinking about what steps to take next with my Etsy shop. Opening an online shop and getting those first few sales can be very exciting. So… now what? What’s up next for my little endeavor? I think May is going to be a very good month, at least I hope.

My journey:

1) Attended two events in front of the Butter Toast Boutique that were a big success.
2) Worked on photos and descriptions for my Etsy shop.
3) Created and shipped out my first official custom order.
4) Finally opened up shop! Yay!
5) Had my first two sales and successfully shipped them out.
6) Got great advice from fellow sellers that I couldn’t be more thankful for.
7) Listed new items and started creating new work.
8) Relisted.
9) ???

For the very first time I have decided to sponsor another blog. My shop ‘with a chance of’ will be sponsoring the curious pug. I’m really very excited about the whole thing. I know that it will totally be worth it and I can’t wait to see what the outcome will be.

I’ve been slowly but surely adding new items to my shop. You’ve probably seen my necklaces, hair clip, and combs soon I hope that I’ll have a whole new line of products to add.

I also have another little surprise for May, but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is.

I also feel like my blog is seriously lacking direction. I want to rework it a lot and get it more focused. I've been postin A LOT but I feel like my posts are lacking something. I want to put more effort into my posts like I used to do. I feel sometimes I just crank and bunch of posts out just to post. I'm really going to work on the quility of my posts, not just quantity. I'm thinking about even breaking my blog into two on that is personal and one for my Etsy shop. Who knows though! I have a lot to think about!

Do you have any new plans for your blog or shop? Any suggestions for me? You know I’m always up for good ideas!

Friday, April 29, 2011

blog love weekly v4.0


This week for Blog Love Weekly I want to first take you to an up and coming and very beautiful blog, Elegant Girl. Erin is a sweet heart and I love her blog and ideas. She does the most amazing art in upcycled spoons. Her necklaces are stunning pieces of work and they come in all styles. Erin has a definite passion for her work and for her blog and it shows in each in of her blog posts. She is rapidly growing into a very inspiring and successful Etsy seller and is someone you really need to check out.


Next is a blog I just recently began to revisit on a regular basis. I want to follow so many blogs sometimes I get wrapped up in others and forget about some I’ve found that are really great. Rachel from Talk 2 the Trees is really a multitalented artist. Her photography is really inspiring to me; I’ve always enjoyed viewing the great images she posts on her blog. I just discovered that she does photography as a business, doing portraits, weddings as well as other events. On top of that she also has truly beautiful art work and knit wear. Her hats are so adorable! She has so much creativity in one person it’s so inspiring that she can do all the things she does and be successful.

Have you fallen in love with any blogs lately? Please share! I love finding new bloggers.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

blue period.

I've been painting on and off for a little while now. I decided to break out the art supplies a few days ago and give it another go. I sware I have creative ADD, I can't keep with one type of project for very long. A little while ago I was taking a Modern Art History class. I have to say it has probably been my most favorite class yet. I really enjoyed learning the history and my Professor was great. Each week we had to reproduce an idea we were studying. I couldn't have more happy to start painting again. It didn't have to be perfect, it just had to show we understood what we were learning about. I wish I wouldn't have stopped painting after the class was over. I'm glad I picked up a paint brush again though.


After I finished my piece I noticed a pattern in my work. I guess I've been going through a blue period. It's kind of funny to think about but its true. Here are some of my older pieces:


i think i love you.

You can see more of my works at on my flickr account if you'd like. I'm hoping to get more up soon.

Kind of funny how it works out. Do you ever notice a pattern in your work?

Monday, April 25, 2011

how many eggs were in your basket?

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Easter Weekend. I know I did, I hate Mondays like this I don’t ever want the weekend to end! Although I was a little down in the dumps over college for the beginning part of the weekend I didn’t stay down long. We were invited over our new friend’s house, Colleen, for Aurora to have an Easter egg hunt and other festivities with her daughter Gianna. I think the little egg hunt in their backyard was much better for Aurora then some event with millions of kids running all over. Aurora is just starting to come out of her shell and this is defiantly a very nice start for her.

On Sunday we went to church of course. I’m so happy we finally found a church we feel comfortable at here. I can’t stand religion but I feel like fellowship with people that have similar beliefs as you is very important.

After church we were supposed to head up to Canyon Lake again for a picnic. With the business of the day we decided to just stay home, hang out at the poll and use our new little travel grill. It was completely perfect.

I got an awesome Easter present also! Today I went to pick up a package from our apartment complex office and BEHOLD! It was the framed photo I won from Pamplemousse1983. It's so beautiful, I highly recommend Maryam's photography.

What did you do for your Holiday weekend?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

blog love weekly v3.0

Well, better late than never right? This week I've been extremely busy and extemely lazy all at the same time. I've been trying to make these posts every Friday, but atleast it's in the correct week, right?


This week I would love to visit a lovely blog that I’ve stopped by many times. I’m so excited for Jody, from Peach Parlor, due to the closing of her former place of employment she has decided to take the plunge as a full time Etsy seller. I couldn’t think of a person who could be more successful. She already has a great product line and wonderfully fascinating blog. She has a shop full of adorable vintage items as well as handmade headband, brooches, and more. I first found Jody from her TTV photography. As a photography student I’m really inspired by her work and I think she has an incredible eye for composition. You have to check out here blog that also details the renovations of her house. I love that she is so into the history of the old home they are making new, it’s kind of beautiful.


Next up we have a pretty well know blogger. Ashley from under those neon lights has revamped her Blog and I love keeping up with every one of her posts. I really enjoy the way she writes her entries. It’s like a big long list of ideas. For me, and varied reading ability, this makes the reading pleasure that much more enjoyable. Just visiting her blog makes me smile. She also has just started a line of super adorable stamps for her Etsy store, fly by design, that I’m totally in love with. If only money grew on trees… I would have way to much stuff!!

On a side note: I'm thinking of starting to advertise by sponsoring someone elses blog... What's your take on sponsership? Do you do it for your blog or maybe your shop? I'm just curious.

Have a great days!!

Happy Easter.

a little doodle just for you.

If you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you have a wonderful day. Take some time for a little peace and reflection with your family and those you love.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

just another blogging advice post.

All over the web you will find a million blogs and websites with a million different ways to tell you have to make a great blog. They will tell you how to get the most traffic, how to cater towards your audience, and even make a profit from blogging. I am taking a moment to add to the list of successful blog advice sites. I may still be a beginner, and I don’t have a zillion followers, but I have ideas and since I have a blog so I am going to share them.

1) Be Yourself. I think it’s really important to stay true to who you are as a person on your blog. It’s easy to lose yourself in links, photos, and information. Don’t forget that you are really the true story behind you blog. No matter if your blog is about family, cooking, or crafting you are the author.

2) Be Kind. I love getting comments on my blog. It makes my day bright and makes blogging feel worth it. Writing nasty comments to someone on their blog just isn’t cool. Let’s all follow the golden rule here people: Do unto others as you would have done to you.

3) If you express an opinion expect an opinion back. If you go on a rampage about a touchy subject expect negative feedback. This goes a long with #2. If you go on a tangent about on a touchy subject people are going to react, both in a negative way and in a positive way. Now if your blog is full of touchy subjects then you should be used to bad comments, but sometimes they can be pretty shocking, so be prepared!

4) Don’t forget to have a life. I think this one is mainly for me. I have a total obsessive personality, so when I find something I like, my world revolves around it. I can’t help but check my blog a million times a day, and read through my dashboard just as much. Sometimes I have to slap myself and remember there are other things in life besides blogging. And if I didn’t have a life, what would I blog about?

5) Be original. Although it might be the highest form of flattery copying another person’s work it isn’t very nice. A blogger probably worked very hard to come up with the ideas for their site, stealing it isn’t cool. There are a ton of blogs out there that have very similar, but they all stand out because of the individual nature the author gives them. I’m not saying don’t use someone else’s ideas as inspiration; just make it your own. Who wants a carbon copy?

6) Take your own advice. You can read and research and copy as much as you want but when you start blogging you are out there on your own. You’ll have the support of a million great bloggers but on that computer screen it’s all about you. If you don’t enjoy your own blog it will show. Have fun! People will want to come see your blog if you want to come see your blog!

7) Write about what you want to write about. Chances are no matter what you write about someone in the world is going to be interested in reading about it. It could be the most off the wall topic but someone in the south of no where will be interested in the same thing. Don’t be afraid to take a risk sometimes. It’s totally worth it.

I know I have a bunch of more things I say about blogging but I’m going to leave it at that for now. Enjoy the people you meet, and the things you find in the blogging world.

What blogging advice do you have?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

meet a new friend.

I would like you to meet Mr. Jasper Lee Hopsalot, brother to Mr. Carlton Huebert Hopsalot.

Jasper was created to send to a little girl, for Easter, who lives far far away and I love very dearly, but haven’t gotten to see in a very long time. I wasn’t going to share him until after I knew the package had arrived for her but I just couldn’t help myself.

Mr. Jasper Lee spends a lot of his time rescuing is older, but not wiser, brother Carlton from the neighbor’s cat. He enjoys reading, and crunching numbers as well as a rambunctious game of peek-a-boo but don’t tell anyone! He’ll never admit it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my current obsession.

If you've seen my tumblr or follow me on twitter you'll notice my current love of everything floral. I’ve always been fond of flowers, but since I’ve opened my Etsy shop I’ve grown to love them even more. Getting to work with faux flowers to create hair clips has given me a lot of ideas for other pieces. Checking out some work from floral designers has really sparked my interest. While I was searching through tumblr for pretty flowers I discovered a blog from a Brooklyn, NY floral designer. The blog, kat flower, has some amazing work and her flowers are to die for. I found myself scrolling through the entire history of her blog and I can't wait for more!

Do you have any new inspirations?

Monday, April 18, 2011

baby bump: 22 weeks.

This pregnancy is so strange for me. Even though I've been through all of this its so different. Somehow I feel less prepared for this little one than I was for Aurora. I can't believe my due day is four months away. Time is flying by! It's amazing that it's April already. I think I'm losing it.

I hate taking pictures of myself. I've out grown my "regular" pants competely at this point and the weight I lost in the first trimester I gained back plus some that's for sure!

I've recently developed a strange love of milk (I hate milk) and all things strawberry. I also had some really crazy pains a few days ago. I've realized that she seems to be having growing spurts. Every time she grows I get really uncomfortable for about a day and then the next day my stomach has doubled in size!

We thought we had the name but now we've changed are mind. We've also decided not to tell ANYONE what the name is going to be until she's here and theres no looking back. It was so easy to name Aurora, we're just feeling out this little one until we decided who she might be.

Aurora and I are both a little under the weather but we're getting through it. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

weekend trip: canyon lake, az

This weekend was nice and relaxing. A few weekends ago we made a short drive to Canyon Creek Lake, AZ to check it out. I’m so glad we did. This past Saturday we set out prepared. We brought a cooler full of a picnic lunch and other goodies. Aurora really enjoyed feeding the ducks and just playing new the water. Marc and I enjoy the peaceful place we had found. We are defiantly going to be going back there more often. Sometimes it’s just nice to get away, even if it’s just for a few hours.

The drive in is so beautiful.

You know I must have really been enjoying myself. I loaded my photos onto my computer and realized that I didn't even take that many pictures, which is very rare for me. I was way to distracted by how peaceful it was there to grab my camera.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well! What were you up too?

Friday, April 15, 2011

blog love weekly v2.0

This week brings us to two very sweet ladies who I’m sure a lot of you have had the pleasure of stopping by their blogs.


First up! Alycia, from the curious pug. Not only is her blog absolutely adorable, she is too. Her family unfortunately just lost their sweet little pug Cyrus. It breaks my heart to hear of someone losing a pet. I know how hard it can be. Alycia was kind enough to create a fund in Cyrus’s name to donate to Santa Cruz, an organization that helps pugs in need. What a great way to remember a loved one. She is also super creative and crafty. She give some great tips for online sellers that you simply can’t live without. She really takes time and care into each and every one of her blog posts and it really shows.


Next we have the oh so lovely and mommy to be Maryam from Pamplemousse! I’ve loved reading about her pregnancy story. Watching a first time mom really blossom and grow is so sweet. She’s up for the Top Baby Blogs and I really think she deserves to be number one. I think one reason her blog is so great is that she really gets personal with her life but at the same time shares other things too. I love her photographer also. When it comes to blogs, to me, the more photos the better! I am a super visual person and her blog makes my eyes smile all the time! Also, not only is she a full time art teacher, she has two wonderful Etsy Shops! One featuring her photography and other goodies and she recently started a lovely vintage shop. Pamplemousse! Is definitely on of my daily reads!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

have you tumbled in the cool moon light?

Recently I'm become addicted to tumblr. I saw that Merry May had one and I just started using mine to collect images I've found across the web that really inspire me. There are also some really fun and interesting blogs out there in tumblr land.

Here are some of my favorite images I've shared so far:



This image is from an amazing Ghost Adventures tumblr I just discovered, hipsterghostadventures. You might have to be a fan to really understand, but it is such an amazing image and blog.

my little inspirations
^my tumblr^

So, do you tumble? I'd love to follow and share with you!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i've come to a few conclusions.

there will always dishes in the sink.
there will always be laundry to do.
the dog will need to be walked at the most inconvenient times.
there will always be a kid begging for my attention.
there will always be shopping to do.
there will always be food to cook.
my house will never be clean.
there will always be things that go unfinished.
nothing will ever be perfect.

...and i'm okay with that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a moment for something cute.

I wanted to just take a second and share something extemely adorable and creative I discovered a little while go. Have you guys seen My Milk Toof? These two little "teef" were created by Inhae Renee Lee, she has an insane imagination and created ickle and Lardee who get into all kinds of fun adventures.

They even have their own book!

Seeing this makes me want to work on stop motion again... maybe... just maybe...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011

the other man in my life.

Our poor dog Piston is going to the vet today to have a tooth removed. He's a bit "special" sometimes and chews of weird things like rocks and other hard objects. Him having to have surgery made me think of my very first blog post, which feels like forever ago, which was all about him. When we first adopted him I couldn’t stand him. I thought he was ruining my life and I couldn’t handle it. Marc and Aurora were totally in love with the guy so I decided to give it my best. I cried and whined a lot but Piston and I got through our tough times.

I like to call him "Sir."

He’s two and a half years old now and is finally coming out of his puppy stage. We went through two recliners, one couch, and countless other items due to his crazy behavior; I wouldn’t take him back for the world. It was totally worth it.

Most of the time he lays around all day, I think he probably sleeps about 16 hours, oh to be a dog. He lets Aurora poke, prod him, and sit on him, and he doesn’t even flinch. When we have to take him to the doggie hotel for an overnight stay Aurora cries and cries, she misses “Woofie,” it melts my heart.

He loves hugs and kisses. He just a big cuddle buddy, he really thinks he a lap dog. He well come over and literally sit in your lap. 65 pounds of boxer isn’t small that’s for sure. Piston also loves it when my husband picks him up like a baby and carries him around. It’s one of the funniest things to watch. He absolutely loves Marc. When Marc comes home you would think he brought a t-bone steak with him every day, Piston freaks out! He bounces around trying to chase his non-tail like a crazy person. I really need to get this on video someday.

Piston still has issues. He has some anxiety issues and sometimes relieves himself in the house when he’s stressed out. Sometime when we have visitors he gets a stomach ache and vomits, a lot. He always eats random things. At this point I’ve stopped keeping track of the weird things he’s eaten. His two favorite things are baby wipes (clean or dirty) and dryer sheets, I have no idea why. We try really hard to stop him, but you can’t watch him ever second.

He also HATES other dogs. There are a few dogs in the apartment complex that I think he would be friendly with, but I don’t really want to take that chance. He also adores kids. The only thing I worry about when some kids come up and want to pet him is that he’ll knock them over. He’s not a fan of adults though, mainly man. He’s super protective over Aurora, and honestly, I’m okay with that. I know he would do anything to protect her and our family. Although I never wanted him to be a “guard dog” he makes me feel really safe.

He drive me crazy, but I love the big ding dong!