Sunday, April 24, 2011

blog love weekly v3.0

Well, better late than never right? This week I've been extremely busy and extemely lazy all at the same time. I've been trying to make these posts every Friday, but atleast it's in the correct week, right?


This week I would love to visit a lovely blog that I’ve stopped by many times. I’m so excited for Jody, from Peach Parlor, due to the closing of her former place of employment she has decided to take the plunge as a full time Etsy seller. I couldn’t think of a person who could be more successful. She already has a great product line and wonderfully fascinating blog. She has a shop full of adorable vintage items as well as handmade headband, brooches, and more. I first found Jody from her TTV photography. As a photography student I’m really inspired by her work and I think she has an incredible eye for composition. You have to check out here blog that also details the renovations of her house. I love that she is so into the history of the old home they are making new, it’s kind of beautiful.


Next up we have a pretty well know blogger. Ashley from under those neon lights has revamped her Blog and I love keeping up with every one of her posts. I really enjoy the way she writes her entries. It’s like a big long list of ideas. For me, and varied reading ability, this makes the reading pleasure that much more enjoyable. Just visiting her blog makes me smile. She also has just started a line of super adorable stamps for her Etsy store, fly by design, that I’m totally in love with. If only money grew on trees… I would have way to much stuff!!

On a side note: I'm thinking of starting to advertise by sponsoring someone elses blog... What's your take on sponsership? Do you do it for your blog or maybe your shop? I'm just curious.

Have a great days!!


  1. Oh my gosh! You blogged about me! You're so sweet! Thanks so much! We should do a trade!

  2. ashley's so adorable isn't she?! i love her writing style :-)

  3. i do it for my shop and i really like doing it! i mix it up each month by hosting give aways or a guest post :) try it out one month, it never hurts!