Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First blog post in Arizona

So for my first blog post in Arizona I decided to keep it strictly photography. We are doing really well here. Aurora and I get to have a lot of fun and Marc does too, right now he’s working a lot but he still makes time for us! I’ve been playing around a lot with a feature on my camera phone called FX: toy camera and Polaroid, and I love it! Here’s some of the photo’s I’ve been taking with it

Here's a few of Aurora playing in the fountains at San Tan Village:

Some other fun things:

I've uploaded some other ones to my facebook, and I'll probably being posting those at a later date! In the future I'm going to be posting many more of my photography experiments as well as some of my favorite shops on Etsy! Who knows what else will come up!

Happy trails!!!!! <3>