Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why I don't like our dog AKA I am selfish:

Well since this in my first blog post I feel like I need to get right to the route of my life and the pain it’s being caused at this very moment. The pain being a 55 lb 1 ½ year old boxer, Let’s back up here a little and give you some details:

I am married to a wonderful man, Marc, and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter, Aurora, and I love my family very much and in February of this year we decided to add to it. Marc’s relative, who helps rescue and place boxers, found out about an adorable young male who needed to find a home because his ‘parents’ we’re going to be moving out of the country. He’s pictures were so cute I just wanted to grab his saggy little lips and squeeze them to pieces! I thought, how bad could this be? I’ve had dogs all my life, I mean granted they we’re two little Pekinese, but how different can they be? And then we meet “Sonny.” This dog has more energy then the energizer bunny! Long story short I was told that everything would be great and having the dog would be wonderful and we accepted, who we now call “Piston” into our home.

Now here is what I don’t like about “the dog”:

1. He jumps around like a crazy jumping bean when ever someone comes into the house and knocks everything around, including, Aurora, the guest, furniture, and me.

2. He’s a boxer so in he’s nature he, you guessed it, boxes. He really gets up on his back legs and boxes at you with his front paws with his great claws.

3. He nibbles/bites. He chews on the skin of my arm with his front teeth if he wants something and if I don’t respond quick enough he grabs my arm full mouth. Now granted it’s not like going to tear my skin off or anything but he knows just where to bit to cause annoying pains all up and down my arm.

4. He eats furniture, garbage, diapers, toys, plastic, sticks, water bottles, and whatever else he can get his mouth on, and then throws it up and eats it… eww.

5. Aurora knows how to make him go crazy! I know this is not his fault, it’s more mine for letting her poke him, ‘tickle’ him, try and ride him, but if we didn’t have him this wouldn’t be a problem. I know this doesn’t really make sense, but it’s a problem for me.

What I do like about Piston:

1. He makes me feel safe from the army of zombies that will one day come attack our house, and it wont just be my imagination (yes, I’m a little paranoid).

2. Aurora loves him.

3. Marc loves him.

4. He gets me off my butt and walking.

5. We’ve taken most of the stuff out of the living room so there’s a whole lot less to clean.

So at this end of all this I have come to the conclusion that I am:

1. Keeping the dog because my family adores him, even if I don’t.

2. Need to be less selfish in the way I think of my time with him. Sometimes, well, most of the time, I’m a spoiled brat.

So for now folks, we are a family of 4.


  1. Dont give on him! It's always easier to keep bad habits from starting but it's never too late to redirect the bad behavior. My akita pup would chew our dresser when we left her alone. We used bitter apple spray and provided her with a good rawhide to chew instead. 3 years later I got an English Mastiff. I knew a slight chewing problem was not a possibility with him because he's a giant breed with a giant mouth. We were careful not to let a single bad habit occur. 3 years later he has been the best pup ever and thank God cause hes 180lbs!

  2. Hi,

    Have you thought about getting him a female companion to enhance your family life ?

    José :-)

  3. Fallon: We acctually started using peppermint spray and that has been helping the chewing problem a ton! we've alway have been getting off our lazy behinds and taking him for longer more intense walks through the woods which seems to tire him out to the point he doesn't want to jump and bite as much.

    Jose: I don't know if I could handle another dog right now or another anything! it is a good idea though!

    From what I've talked to with other boxer owners after he turns 2 years old his behavior will calm down! Here's waiting for his birthday!!!