Friday, June 10, 2011

a must see: flourish leather.

When I found out that Danielle from sublime lite was opening an Etsy shop, Flourish, I got very excited. She is an extremely creative and stylish lady so I knew whatever it was going to be, it was going to be wonderful. I was in awe of how wonderful her shop looked when it opened. Danielle’s product photos are effortless and wonderful and show exactly what the products are, her leather bracelets as so simple yet so stunning.

I waited by my mailbox patiently for my little package to arrive, when it did I couldn’t have been more tickled. It was one of the cutest packages I’ve received. I personally love the way they recycled the packaging. It fits really well with the style of these lovely bracelets and really shows them off.

The qualities of these little beauties are wonderful. I’m actually still scratching my head as to how they are made. They are really perfect for summer, not to mention they are a great deal! They start at only $5!! I think she is shorting herself! You just don’t find handmade leather items with this much thought and care put into them for that price. I strongly suggest getting more than one because they look super cute together.

I’m so happy for Danielle, she’s doing really well! Her Etsy shop is blossoming and have I mentioned how much I love her blog? Her photos and content are really inspiring to me. I love seeing that she has a new post up; I’m always intrigued to see what she has photographed next.

Cheers to Danielle in everything she is doing! Go visit her shop and blog and say hello!


  1. Love this! Thanks so much Kat!!!

  2. haha. I got some too!! She is a great etsian to work with! I was also wondering how in the world they were made! I feel like everyone that has these bracelets are kind of like.. Friendship bracelets. haha. I'm a dork.

  3. my goodness! these are LOVELY! i especially love the blue one.