Monday, December 20, 2010

A Holiday Break.

Wow has this year gone by fast. I know I’ve been talking about Christmas and the holidays for a while but its here! I feel like I turned my back on the calendar and *poof* like magic Christmas is only five days away! On top of everything I’ve been doing lately, tomorrow night we board a plane headed back to Pittsburgh. I’m really excited to spend time with our friends and family. We left home at the end of August and it’s just been a whirlwind ever since. I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the change of weather! It’s been in the upper 70s to low 80s here in Phoenix and in the ‘Burgh it’s been about 20 degrees, fun.

I’m completely stressing over packing too. Not only do I have to worry about myself but Aurora too! I’m making my husband pack for himself and the dog (sorry hun.) I feel sorry for poor Piston, although he has a really super place to stay, and he gets to be in warmer weather then us. I’ll miss the big goof ball. Who’s going to keep my feet warm while I’m sleeping?

Marc and I are going to "share" one suitcase. Share meaning: I hope theres enough room for Marc's clothes after I'm done.

Piston is helping me pack, or something.

I was really hoping to get a few more blog posts cranked out before we left but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, soooo much stuff to do! I’m going to try and post maybe once and again while we are away but I think this is going to be a much needed internet break for me. Between online classes and blogging I’m pretty much on the computer all of the time. My wrists have been killing me lately and I think all the typing might have something to do with it! I’ll be back enthusiastically posting again the first week of the New Year. I have so many great things and ideas to share already!

Lola, my lovely SLR camera, will be traveling with us so I can’t wait to share photos of the trip. Hopefully it will be a white Christmas in Pittsburgh and I’ll get to share our winter wonderland!

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday season! See you in the New Year!

I also wanted to share my favorite Christmas song. Yeah, it's Hanson, I can't help myself. It really is a beautiful song.

No matter who you are
How far you've come
This is where you belong
At Christmas.
- Hanson

And as always… Happy snow tire trails…

Saturday, December 18, 2010

finally finished with finals!

I could not be more tired/excited/over caffeinated right now! I finally finished my finals. I feel like these two classes that I just finished took forever to end! I think it was the anticipation of have a really long break. I need it so bad! It’s been a really crazy year.

I’ve been working at the kitchen table for most of these classes. It’s slightly uncomfortable and has good lighting to it keeps me semi focused on doing school work!

Time for a Celebration! Etsy Style:

seven olives
I drank a lot of tea during these past couple of months to keep me going!

If I wasn’t so tired right now I really feel like I would be glowing!

This guy just looks like he’s going to a celebration!

This is one of my all time favorite art prints and I try and remember it. Every time I stumble across it I giggle a little inside, someday I’ll own it!

Happy Trails!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

where does the time go?

Warning: Little kid picture over load! ^_^

Just the other day Aurora and I were taking our dog, Piston, for a walk and I turned around and look at her... when did she grow up?! She's going to be three years old in March and I just can't believe it. Her one year old birthday was expected, two was pretty average as well but three! She's a little girl now! She's no longer a baby, man; I can't wait to see what I'm going to say when she turns 16. She already has her own little personality and has her likes and dislikes. She's a very talented artist if I may say so myself but she wants to fly airplanes currently. When parents say "Enjoy time while you have it, because it flies by," it's so true! Aurora might drive me crazy (got to love the terrible 2s) but I try and enjoy every moment we have together.

Aurora when she was just a few months old eating cereal for the first time.

Getting her footing and starting to move around our house. She's a quick little bugger!

Playing at Sorgels Market, one of our favorite places to go when we lived in Pittsburgh. I do miss visiting the animals and Granny while she was working.

At the Pittsburgh Zoo Just before we left for Phoenix. We had a blast! She loves the zoo I can't wait to go back and visit the Phoenix Zoo.

When we first got to Arizonia we went and visited Tombstone. My husband Marc loves it there and it was a pretty interesting trip. I'm sure we'll go back soon.

Now I have to chase her around with my camera and hope to get a shoot of her. She loves to play hide and seek with me. Who couldn't love that face?

We have truely been blessed by such a wonderful little girl. She changed my life completely and I couldn't be happier.

Happy Trails!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wordy on wednesday: six

Finals are coming up and I wont lie I've been slacking... a lot! So I kind of took the easy way out on this weeks 'wordy on wednesday.' I used a photo I took a while ago when we went to the AZ state fair. When I started editing this photo the first thought that come into my mind was the lyrics to the song "Musical Ride" by Hanson. It think it fits prefectly. What song do you see?

"don't make your mind up just yet, there's still so much for you to see.
and every time you waste a moment you waste make believe.
i see it taking you hold you must let go before it starts.
this confrontation you keep feeling is your heart.
it's simple, but somehow, letting goes the hardest part.
come on this musical ride, with me."
Musical Ride - Hanson

Hopefully now I can focus on my finals!

Happy Trails!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new inspiration.

As many of you know I started back to college this past July. So far it’s been going really great and I’m learning a lot! I’m sorry, did you say, learning it college?! Go figure! I think I might be retaining some really valid information for the future. I’m currently enrolled in my second Art History (well this one is technically Art Survey) class. Not only do we get to learn about a style of art but one of assignments is to create art. How cool is that?

During the course I’ve gotten to study some really amazing artists but one that really stood out to me was Henri Matisse. He’s one of the founders of Fauvism and a very versatile artist. If you’ve never heard of Fauvism it is a style of art created in the early 1904s and was so shocking to audiences at first it was called “fauves” which means beast. Not only was he one of the founders of a style but over the years he was constantly evolving as an artist. In his later years in life he had surgery and wasn’t able to sit up and paint he could only lay in bed so he created paper cut images. Nothing could keep this man down he always had to be making art. I think that’s really admirable. It’s really inspiring to look at his artistic metamorphosis and I love each phase he went through.

Women Reading 1894

Woman with a Hat 1905 (an example of Fauvism)

The Plum Blossom 1948

The Sorrows of the King 1952

These are just four of his the massive number of his works. I hope I may have sparked your interest in something you may not have known before. Fauvism inspired me to create this painting, well it was also my assignment, but I still enjoyed doing it.


Happy Trails!

Monday, December 13, 2010

what i make.

I realized something; I don’t think everyone really knows what I make! You’ve seen my DIYs for wreaths and other goodies and you’ve seen some of my “art” work (I use the term art very loosely) but what is it that I do? Well kiddies it’s story time!

A while back when I worked at a hair salon with some of the most fabulous consultants ever I was experimenting with crafts and made a flower hair clip and worn it to work one day. It was a really big hit! I was pretty shocked but before I knew it I was making hair pieces for my lovely coworkers to accessorize themselves with! I made come cute simple flowers and some crazy over the top pieces with feathers for the gorgeous Nikki (who I really miss doing my hair!!). Everyone at work was so supportive of my little creations. I can’t begin to explain how much their compliments meant to me. Going to work each day and seeing someone wearing something you created is an amazing feeling. I was about to open an Etsy shop when our whole world took a 180 degree turn and we’re here in Arizona. I still fully intend on selling my pieces it’s just taken a bit more time then I originally anticipated.

Some of you may have already seen these but I thought I would share some of my creations just for fun! I’m always up for custom making things. I like putting a little of the personality of the person I’m making it for into the piece. ^_^

I got creative with some scrap pieces I had and made a cute flower brooch.

Just a few of the hair combs I’ve put together.

Lovely twin orchid bobby pins.

I was experimenting with ribbons and came up with this white flower with light pink ribbons hair clip.

The crazy peacock feather hair piece for Nikki that I burned the feeling out of my finger making from hot glue while making, after making this I discovered E600 glue, it’s a life saver!!!

I've also worked on a line of fabric inspired jewelry.

Happy trails!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adventures in Craftiness: Mini Wreath Ornament

I have been kind of obsessed with ornaments this year for whatever reason. You may have seen my past two Do it yourself darn it! Take One and Take Two and this is my contributions to your holiday DIY festivities. This could be great as last minute hostess gifts or perhaps a craft for the little bit older kiddies to do during holiday gatherings.

Things you’ll need:
*Floral wire
*Wire cutters
*Your favorite adhesive (I like E600)
*Ribbon or Yarn
*Scrapbooking goodies, buttons, stickers, feather or whatever your decorating heart desires.

Cut a length of floral wire to your desired amount. The more wire the thicker it will be. You can free hand the circle you’ll be making for your mini wreath ornament or you can use of cup to guide you.

Next start wrapping your wire around itself until you get reach the end of your cut wire.

When you have wrapped all of your wire cut off any excess that you don’t need and it should look something like this:

Wrap your desired yarn or ribbon around what will be the top of your wreath. Make sure to leave some some length to create a loop for hanging your mini wreath.

Now comes the really fun part! Decorating! If you needed a great way to keep some of the older kids in your life occupied during holiday celebrations you could pre- make the wreath and let them decorate like crazy! I picked out a really great scrapbooking flower and sticker (A for our last name Amelio). I also sewed two buttons together with embroidery floss. Play with your decorations until you get them where you like them and glue them down.

Let dry and TADA! Your very own holiday goodness!

Have fun with your design too. Make it as colorful and unique as you are!

Happy Reindeer Trails!

Spectacular Saturday!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to check in and tell you about the amazing Saturday I’ve been having. First off Aurora and I took an adventure to downtown Phoenix and FINALLY went into two awesome stores I’ve wanted to visit since we got here.

First off we stopped at the lovely vintage boutique Butter Toast. It’s very warm and inviting and the owners did a lovely job of decorating a designing a great layout in this little cozy home. Their prices are really great to for the choices they have. I also adore their selection of dresses! Any number of them would be great for a holiday party.

Then low and behold right next store is GROWop! I can’t help but love local handmade boutiques. It has a great collection of handmade and some vintage items from lovely local artists. I can’t wait to go back and see more. Both of these shops are a must see if you’re in the Phoenix area and love vintage and handmade!

After our trek downtown Aurora and I enjoyed an afternoon playing at the park finished with a stop for a yummy cookie and peppermint mocha… mmmm…

This wonderful day was topped off with the promised Hanson Christmas special! It was so cheesy and so wonderful. It made my season bright and my belly hurt from laughter!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Happy Trails!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do it yourself darnit! Ornaments Take 2

The holiday season is in full swing now, have you finished your decorating? Well if not I have a whole new batch of goodies lined up for you. My first ornament post seemed to be pretty helpful and with all the good stuff out there I had to share more of my favorites. Some are do it yourself ornaments and some are from great artists over on Etsy. Either way I hope it brightens your holiday spirits!
Do it yourself darnit!

Yarn Ornament tutorial from Violet Bella


Drawing-Free Glass Ornament from Etsy


Candy Cane tutorial and other goodies from Art as Usual


Five paper ornaments from Shimelle


Not interested in DIY? Why not BUY?

(Yeah, I know that was pretty cheesy.)

Owl Christmas Tree Ornament from xhochixx


Green cozy home ornament from Petite House


in the navy blue log ornament { bug miscellany }


Set of Three Mustard and Green Hat Snowmen-clay ornaments from indigo twin


I also have a litte treat for you later. Here's a little sneak peak for you:

Until then... happy trails!