Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the most random blog post ever.

A.K.A. celebrity crushes confession.

This post is completely out of left field for my blog, but I just felt like sharing. Lately my husband has been teasing me a lot for my most recent “celebrity” crush. I don’t normally come out and say I think someone is attractive, and defiantly not to my husband, but he’s be bugging me for the past couple of weeks about it so I finally caved.

I have a crush on Zak Bagans from the TV Show Ghost Adventures. It’s so terrible. I get scared very easily. I still sleep with a night light and I don’t care who knows about it. So the fact that I kept watching the Ghost Adventures show even though it scares me perked my husband’s interest. At first I thought Zak was just a total fake baked meat head, but as I continued to watch the show I grew too like his sense of humor and weird antics. I can’t help myself, and I’m slightly ashamed.

This got me thinking of my other celebrity crushes. I really only have two others at the moment.

One would be Timothy Olyphant. He currently plays Raylyn Givens in the TV Show Justified. All I can say is that I love this show. It’s not typically my thing, but the one liners and dark humor totally kill me. The show is about a U.S. Marshall who gets sent back to his home town of Kentucky because he’s a little trigger happy. The characters are amazingly colorful and it’s so well written. There is some violence but I think most of the time it’s in good taste and necessary for the plot of the show. I hate shows or movies that just have unnecessary gore and violence; it makes me sick, literally. Mr. Timothy Olyphant defiantly steals the show.

Of course there is one celebrity who will always stay close to my heart: Taylor Hanson. He was my first celebrity crush way back in grade school and he still is. He’s married with, well, a bunch of kids, but he’s nice to look at. I love his voice and he is an incredible musician, how can a girl not go for a guy who can write music? That’s a given!

Sorry for the completely random post but I hope you enjoyed the insight to my slightly odd celebrity crushes. I know I’m going to hear about it tonight when my husband gets home. Do you have any celebrity crushes hiding in your closet? Hey, I shared mine! ^_~

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  1. I haven't even heard of the first too. I think taylor hanson is looking pretty cute these days:) haha. hmmm As far as celeb crushes I would have to say Devendara Banhart, and ummmmmmmmmm I can't think right now.. Most are too embarassing to admit! haha