Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a moment for something cute.

I wanted to just take a second and share something extemely adorable and creative I discovered a little while go. Have you guys seen My Milk Toof? These two little "teef" were created by Inhae Renee Lee, she has an insane imagination and created ickle and Lardee who get into all kinds of fun adventures.

They even have their own book!

Seeing this makes me want to work on stop motion again... maybe... just maybe...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. I LOVE ickle and lardee! That is the first blog I've ever read! Now I am addicted to reading blogs :/

  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE this blog. Seriously it makes me giggle. I really want to get the book too, but I can't justify buying it quite yet. Maybe when I have a baby?? hahah. I hope your having a wonderful week so far:)

  3. So adorable!!!!!

    P.S. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Girl, I know about the weight thing ha. That is why I am being so anal about it this time. I am 5'1 so 135 is actually over my healthy weight range. I started at 120 before all of my pregnancies. Ended my pregnancy with my daughter at 169 and my son at 179. After my son I was stuck at 157 for so long until I finally started losing and got down to 128. Unfortunately I put back on 7 of it shortly before I got pregnant, and now, I definitely can't lose it ha. So I am just going to try and manage it. Thanks for your comment. I really hope that your symptoms subside soon and congrats.

  4. i love my milk toof! i bought that book and its so cute :) they never fail to make me smile :)