Wednesday, July 21, 2010

things that make me smile.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that people are not all bad and just because you run into a grumpy sour puss do not mean it has to ruin your day, or your week even. Maybe, just maybe, if you are super nice to those sour pusses they'll realize they are bringing a downer to everyone around them. Even if that work 1 out of ever 1, 000 times, at least I can say I tried!

I just rediscovered a blog I found a long time ago that I love! It just kind of gives you that warm fuzzy feeling all over.

It's a great place to find printable cards and other free paper gift ideas and just daily inspirations that make me smile and I'm sure will make you smile too! So be kind.............

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

trying to not be so lazy

i've been a little lazy about doing any work but here are two paintings i've been working on!

'little black dress'

'pretty in pink'

I haven't decided weither or not I'm going to sell this or not but I'm considering it. At this rate I'll have way more paintings then we'll have wall space for them. Oh well.....
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

sweet stuff

So I’ve been thinking about baking here for a little bit because one of my friends has been going to school to be a pastry chef. I'm not very good in the kitchen but between her and my mother being the queen of cookies I started looking up some recipes and found some cool stuff:

candy sushi: strumpet scrumpets

wild cupcakes: 52cupcakes

cupcake back shop

the life of a cupcake

I've jumped on the cupcake band wagon!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

digital painting

With some help from a fellow blogger elycia I was able to create my very first digital 'painting.' It's pretty cheesey, but you should have seen some of the other stuff I did... wow, talk about TERRIBLE! I'm going to keep trying though!

Thank you elycia! Go visit her blog! She rocks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


On Saturday night Marc and I got to do something we don’t often get to do; go out to a concert. Marc’s sister and brother-in-law bought us tickets to go see Dave Mathews Band and Zac Brown Band play at PNC Park with them. Aurora was safely at her Granny’s house and we got to spend an evening out, it was great!

Now I must say I love the Zac Brown Band and they did put on an awesome show, but there was something about the Dave Matthews performance that just blew all other performers out of the water. I have never seen a group of people with such passion rock out like that before. I am an avid music lover. Not just listening either, I wanted to be a song writer in the worst way for a very long time. I don’t think I would ever have the ability to move people like those guys did Saturday night. We were seated in the stadium so we were kind of far back but I could still feel the pumping passion coming out of every beat on the drum, every sound that come out of the horn’s and every word sang from Dave Matthews mouth. Wow, just looking into that man’s eyes on the big screen was like “Dang that man has something that not a lot of people do.” Marc always says he thinks Dave has some great muse, and now I completely agree with him.

Dave and those men up there can do something that I’ve never seen done before and I can’t even describe it. I hope they around for a long, long, long, time.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

starting a journey.

As I posted yesterday I was unsure if I was actually starting art school on Monday. Well a few e-mails later from said school and some help from my husband, I found out that yes I do start on Monday! I’m extremely excited to start this exciting journey to further my education. If it pays off or not doesn’t matter to me as much as if I actually finish! Don’t ask my why it’s such a big deal to me because I know tons of successful people never even finish high school but it’s just my goal and I’m shooting for the stars! I guess it has something to do with my dyslexia, when I was young no one though I was even going to finish high school because of my learning disability but I graduated with a great GPA and I did go on to college but dropped out. So, I kind of want to rub it in peoples faces just a little like “na na na na I did it and you said I couldn’t!” And to prove it to myself that I’m not dumb I just learn differently, no biggie!

Well enough of my rant! In honor of classes starting I made a treasury on celebrating photographers and photos that inspire me…..

see it here.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

photo opportunity

For those of you that don’t know I adore photography. While I was at Community college I got a chance to take a really fun class that got me started, I’m supposed to start class online next week but the online school I’m going to likes to drag their feet and I have no idea if I am starting or not at this point but oh well. I just wanted to share a few of the photos from my class and may get some feed back? Eh?


"the t"

"almost flew all the way home"

"wild berry"

"up against the bars"

If you'd like to see more check out my flickr photostream. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Big One

Warning: this is just the view of one person; me, get over it.

So I’ve been ho-humming about my next blog post, well this blog post, I haven’t wanted to write about anything too serious for fear of offending someone, or getting to personal. After much thought I came to this conclusion: Screw it. If I want to write about something I’m going too. So, here goes:

Today I’m going to get a little bit biblical on you. I have a very strong faith; yes I said faith, not religion. I believe there is a God who created everything we know and everything we don’t know. I have faith that God loves us enough to send his only Son to die on a cross so that our sins could be forgiven. I also have faith that God has an ultimate plan for all of us. Now the plan is where things get a little hazy for me. As I have stated I have an ultimate faith in God, not in people. Prophecy is the real subject I’d like to touch on today.

Prophecy: is the message that has been communicated to a prophet[1] which the prophet then communicates to others. Such messages typically involve divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of events to come (cf. divine knowledge). (definition brought to you by

So here is the ultimite question you have to ask yourself before following anything any Prophet ever says to you: Are they really hearing from God or a man/woman? I believe that some prohecy is true but you have to be careful who you listen too. I’ve know people who have up rooted their whole lifes on something some guy that they’ve never acctually talked to before said to them and then poof, their lives are down the toilet. Now I’m not saying don’t fallow God’s call on your life. I mean it, please, if you feel that you are called to drop everything and help the disator in the Gulf. I beg of you to do so. If something is tugging on your heart strongs so hard you can’t ignore it, do it! I’m just say that some people can be clouded but a big named figure standing before them and they don’t check with ‘the high power’ themselves before moving on with ‘the plan.’

Why is this such a touchy subject for me? Well to summaries I was ‘influanced’ or ‘told’ my whole life that I was going to be something and in the end it didn’t happen for me. Was it because I didn’t try hard enough? Or, was it because it was never meant to be. Then I stuggled for servel years after grasping at something that I could call my own until I realized that I can be “called” to be myself and live the life I think is right and that’s okay in God’s eyes, heck I think it’s more then okay! I think that there was a little party in heaven when I finally came to this conculsion. God and the angels did a little polka dance just for me.

What I’m trying to get to here is you can’t fight agaisnt who you are no matter how you try because in the end, God made you that way for a reason, and you should listen.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


One of my favorite artists on etsy is having a great giveaway that everyone needs to check out! One: because it increases my chances of winning and I'm greedy like that and Two. because she has some amazing work that you need to see! Her little stuffed creations are so cute and would be great for anyone child or adult to own!

So.... go to her blog and enter, and also check out her etsy shop