Monday, April 25, 2011

how many eggs were in your basket?

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Easter Weekend. I know I did, I hate Mondays like this I don’t ever want the weekend to end! Although I was a little down in the dumps over college for the beginning part of the weekend I didn’t stay down long. We were invited over our new friend’s house, Colleen, for Aurora to have an Easter egg hunt and other festivities with her daughter Gianna. I think the little egg hunt in their backyard was much better for Aurora then some event with millions of kids running all over. Aurora is just starting to come out of her shell and this is defiantly a very nice start for her.

On Sunday we went to church of course. I’m so happy we finally found a church we feel comfortable at here. I can’t stand religion but I feel like fellowship with people that have similar beliefs as you is very important.

After church we were supposed to head up to Canyon Lake again for a picnic. With the business of the day we decided to just stay home, hang out at the poll and use our new little travel grill. It was completely perfect.

I got an awesome Easter present also! Today I went to pick up a package from our apartment complex office and BEHOLD! It was the framed photo I won from Pamplemousse1983. It's so beautiful, I highly recommend Maryam's photography.

What did you do for your Holiday weekend?


  1. Oh man those crazy insane huge Easter Egg hunts used to scare the crap out of me when I was little. I rarely even got anything, because I was trying not to get squashed! haha. Aurora's little outfit in the picture is adorable! I'm glad you found a church that you feel comfortable in. I haven't found one here, but i'm not really looking either. Right now in my life religion is kind of on the back burner. {I know, horrible right??} Looks like a fun relaxing weekend. OH and that photo is gorgeous!!

  2. glad to hear you had a great easter! i always LOVED easter hunts! my mom surprised us yesterday morning and had hid some eggs on our deck...she is the greatest ever!