Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my current obsession.

If you've seen my tumblr or follow me on twitter you'll notice my current love of everything floral. I’ve always been fond of flowers, but since I’ve opened my Etsy shop I’ve grown to love them even more. Getting to work with faux flowers to create hair clips has given me a lot of ideas for other pieces. Checking out some work from floral designers has really sparked my interest. While I was searching through tumblr for pretty flowers I discovered a blog from a Brooklyn, NY floral designer. The blog, kat flower, has some amazing work and her flowers are to die for. I found myself scrolling through the entire history of her blog and I can't wait for more!

Do you have any new inspirations?


  1. So pretty! Thanks for mentioning a new blog! I've been needing a new springy read:) I hope your doing well!

  2. those orange flowers look just like tissue paper! so pretty they almost look fake!