Saturday, December 11, 2010

Adventures in Craftiness: Mini Wreath Ornament

I have been kind of obsessed with ornaments this year for whatever reason. You may have seen my past two Do it yourself darn it! Take One and Take Two and this is my contributions to your holiday DIY festivities. This could be great as last minute hostess gifts or perhaps a craft for the little bit older kiddies to do during holiday gatherings.

Things you’ll need:
*Floral wire
*Wire cutters
*Your favorite adhesive (I like E600)
*Ribbon or Yarn
*Scrapbooking goodies, buttons, stickers, feather or whatever your decorating heart desires.

Cut a length of floral wire to your desired amount. The more wire the thicker it will be. You can free hand the circle you’ll be making for your mini wreath ornament or you can use of cup to guide you.

Next start wrapping your wire around itself until you get reach the end of your cut wire.

When you have wrapped all of your wire cut off any excess that you don’t need and it should look something like this:

Wrap your desired yarn or ribbon around what will be the top of your wreath. Make sure to leave some some length to create a loop for hanging your mini wreath.

Now comes the really fun part! Decorating! If you needed a great way to keep some of the older kids in your life occupied during holiday celebrations you could pre- make the wreath and let them decorate like crazy! I picked out a really great scrapbooking flower and sticker (A for our last name Amelio). I also sewed two buttons together with embroidery floss. Play with your decorations until you get them where you like them and glue them down.

Let dry and TADA! Your very own holiday goodness!

Have fun with your design too. Make it as colorful and unique as you are!

Happy Reindeer Trails!


  1. I love this idea, very fun thanks for the idea! Also E600 is THEE best! Have a great day!

  2. oh what a cute idea! i've never seen twine/wire like that before.. but it's the perfect thing for these little wreaths!