Monday, December 13, 2010

what i make.

I realized something; I don’t think everyone really knows what I make! You’ve seen my DIYs for wreaths and other goodies and you’ve seen some of my “art” work (I use the term art very loosely) but what is it that I do? Well kiddies it’s story time!

A while back when I worked at a hair salon with some of the most fabulous consultants ever I was experimenting with crafts and made a flower hair clip and worn it to work one day. It was a really big hit! I was pretty shocked but before I knew it I was making hair pieces for my lovely coworkers to accessorize themselves with! I made come cute simple flowers and some crazy over the top pieces with feathers for the gorgeous Nikki (who I really miss doing my hair!!). Everyone at work was so supportive of my little creations. I can’t begin to explain how much their compliments meant to me. Going to work each day and seeing someone wearing something you created is an amazing feeling. I was about to open an Etsy shop when our whole world took a 180 degree turn and we’re here in Arizona. I still fully intend on selling my pieces it’s just taken a bit more time then I originally anticipated.

Some of you may have already seen these but I thought I would share some of my creations just for fun! I’m always up for custom making things. I like putting a little of the personality of the person I’m making it for into the piece. ^_^

I got creative with some scrap pieces I had and made a cute flower brooch.

Just a few of the hair combs I’ve put together.

Lovely twin orchid bobby pins.

I was experimenting with ribbons and came up with this white flower with light pink ribbons hair clip.

The crazy peacock feather hair piece for Nikki that I burned the feeling out of my finger making from hot glue while making, after making this I discovered E600 glue, it’s a life saver!!!

I've also worked on a line of fabric inspired jewelry.

Happy trails!!!

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  1. How pretty! Thanks for sharing, I love that peacock one! I HATE gluegun burns, I just got a pretty nasty one last night! Have a great day!:)