Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wordy on wednesday: six

Finals are coming up and I wont lie I've been slacking... a lot! So I kind of took the easy way out on this weeks 'wordy on wednesday.' I used a photo I took a while ago when we went to the AZ state fair. When I started editing this photo the first thought that come into my mind was the lyrics to the song "Musical Ride" by Hanson. It think it fits prefectly. What song do you see?

"don't make your mind up just yet, there's still so much for you to see.
and every time you waste a moment you waste make believe.
i see it taking you hold you must let go before it starts.
this confrontation you keep feeling is your heart.
it's simple, but somehow, letting goes the hardest part.
come on this musical ride, with me."
Musical Ride - Hanson

Hopefully now I can focus on my finals!

Happy Trails!!

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