Tuesday, December 14, 2010

new inspiration.

As many of you know I started back to college this past July. So far it’s been going really great and I’m learning a lot! I’m sorry, did you say, learning it college?! Go figure! I think I might be retaining some really valid information for the future. I’m currently enrolled in my second Art History (well this one is technically Art Survey) class. Not only do we get to learn about a style of art but one of assignments is to create art. How cool is that?

During the course I’ve gotten to study some really amazing artists but one that really stood out to me was Henri Matisse. He’s one of the founders of Fauvism and a very versatile artist. If you’ve never heard of Fauvism it is a style of art created in the early 1904s and was so shocking to audiences at first it was called “fauves” which means beast. Not only was he one of the founders of a style but over the years he was constantly evolving as an artist. In his later years in life he had surgery and wasn’t able to sit up and paint he could only lay in bed so he created paper cut images. Nothing could keep this man down he always had to be making art. I think that’s really admirable. It’s really inspiring to look at his artistic metamorphosis and I love each phase he went through.

Women Reading 1894

Woman with a Hat 1905 (an example of Fauvism)

The Plum Blossom 1948

The Sorrows of the King 1952

These are just four of his the massive number of his works. I hope I may have sparked your interest in something you may not have known before. Fauvism inspired me to create this painting, well it was also my assignment, but I still enjoyed doing it.


Happy Trails!

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  1. Awesome paintings! It is crazy how one artist can have so many distinctive and unique styles. Thanks for sharing :)