Monday, May 16, 2011

inspiration in unlikely places.

People gather inspirations from just about everywhere. I gather a lot of mine up and stick them on my tumblr, just a bunch of images and ideas I love. I’ve shared a lot of inspirations here on my blog as well. There have been many artists that have inspired me. Since I’ve been back to school I’ve really enjoyed my art history classes and gaining knowledge of the “greats” like Henri Matisse. Of course there is the artist who inspired me to do photography in the first place, Jerry Uelsmann. There is one unlikely artist that keeps me going on a regular basis, my daughter.

I’m so glad she enjoys coloring, painting and crafting so much. She doesn’t like coloring books that much either. Give that girl a piece of blank paper and a pen and she’ll create a work of art. Okay I’m her mother so I have to say that, but I really love to watch her. Our house is covered in the things she’s created. We have her paintings in just about every room of the house. I think it's also very important for young childern to learn to express themselves in creative ways. Even if they don't continue as they get older its something they can always remember and enjoy.

The thing I think I love the best about her “art work” is that she has no fear. She doesn’t care if she messes up or goes off the page, it’s her creation and she’ll make it work. Aurora isn’t afraid of color either. She might decide she only wanted to use one color, or every color available to her. Sometimes I wish I could be more like that. If I didn’t worry so much about my “art” being perfect I’m sure I would create much more than I do.

It’s funny where we learn our lessons from. My lesson and inspiration comes from little Aurora, who isn’t afraid to cover a blank piece paper with beauty!


  1. She is so cute!! Happy Monday!

  2. she is the cutest! and aurora is her name! oh my i just died of adorableness!
    i love my tumblr for that very reason, great for inspiration!