Friday, May 13, 2011

why do you blog?

Alycia from the curious pug asked an interesting question “Why do you blog?” It got me thinking. I feel like my blog recently took a shift in a very strange direction. I think I was trying to be like everyone else or something like that. I needed to take my own advice and be myself on my blog. The more my blog started to represent me, the better I felt, and the better the response I received.


-To journal my families adventure in moving to Arizona
-To look back and remember
-To connect with others
-To be creative
-To share things I make with others
-To share how to make things with others
-To put my thoughts out there because it makes me feel like I’m doing SOMETHING
-To vent and rant
-To share things that inspire me
-To get feedback
-To comment on other blogs about their thoughts, feelings, and creative
-To support other artists and bloggers

I could probably go on forever. There are so many reasons why I blog but the bottom line is that I love to do it. I hope you love to do it too!

So, why do you blog? If you post about it also go ahead and link it back to Alycia’s blog post! I want to read everyone’s. I think it’s funny that everyone’s response is pretty much the same and totally different at the same time.


  1. all excellent reasons why you blog! hmm why i blog..well first to promote my crafting treasures and to inspire others to get on their bikes and ride, meet other amazing crafters and ladies!