Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 days of lists: days 2 through 5

I really am getting a kick out of the 30 days of lists project. I’ve been trying hard to do it first thing in the morning. My mind isn’t always the most fresh when I first wake up, which I think makes it all that more interesting. Every day I can’t wait to see what the next promote is going to be. I also love reading everyone else’s lists. I think its fun to see what everyone has in common, and there are some really funny answers out there as well. I’m glad we’re still at the beginning because I don’t want this to end!

Day Two: Things I’m good at
-making breakfast
-web browsing
-wasting time
-collage art
-playing tea party
-fudging homework
-being sarcastic
-being compassionate
-Loving my family

Day Three: I’m looking forward to…
-New baby
-Art Detour
-Friends and family visiting
-Finishing Potty training
-Beautiful sunsets
-Spending time with my husband
-Opening my Etsy shop… FINALLY!

Day Four: Playlist
I am aware that this list makes me look like a crazy person, and I’m okay with that. ^_^
Hanson – Voice in the Chorus
Wallflowers – One Headlight
Jason Mraz – Geek in the Pink
Eve 6 – Inside Out
Miranda Lambert – Only Prettier
Hanson – Rock n Roll Razorblade
Weezer – Pork and Beans
Sugarland – Stuck like Glue
Dave Matthews and Time Reynolds – Eh Hee
Hanson – Watershed
Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews – I’m Alive
I would like to add Journey – Don’t Stop Believing to this list as well!

Day Five: Weekend Goals
- Homework
- Photography Project
- Clean House
- Go to the park
- Make crafts
- More potty training
- Blog about lists
- Stay calm

Well, so far this weekend we cleaned up the house a lot! We’re getting ready for some house guests and having a two year old and a dog doesn’t make for the neatest of homes. We need to have people come more often, we REALLY needed to clean! We also made it to the park, I worked on my homework, and I’m in the process of blogging about this lists. I’d say it’s been a pretty successful weekend so far!

It's never to late to start making lists! Check out the 30 days of lists project.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. Awesome! Very creative! Check out my list! Im blogging them!

  2. Oooo this List Project seems like a lot of fun! It's really cute! I may have to try this sometime =) I just finished the 30 Day Photo Challenge LOL