Friday, March 4, 2011

getting one step closer.

About a week ago I wrote a post all about my little big dream. I’m really excited about starting an Etsy shop, and as promised I will be taking you step by step through the process. The awesome part is, that very same day I received an e-mail about an event that will hopefully take me a little bit closer to my goals.

The city of Phoenix is once again putting on their Art Detour. Although I have never been to this event, it looks like an incredible weekend. I’m so happy to announce that I will be taking part in the festivities! The lovely ladies of The Butter Toast Boutique have asked me to set up a booth on their patio and show off my little hair goodies. I cannot begin to express how overwhelmingly honored I fell that Traci thought of me. I admire them so much for creating such a wonderful shop, for me, it’s a dream come true. I think I might have even gotten a little choked up when I read the e-mail. I’ve been putting my hands to work making new pieces, gathering supplies, and trying to not get too excited. I’m also working on some new products to try out. I don’t care if I don’t sell a single thing. For me, this is a step in the right direction and no matter what the outcome this will be positive.

So, if you are going to be in the Phoenix area March 19th – 20th you’re going to want to stop by 6th Street! I will only be there on Sunday March, 20th though. My little girl is growing up and will be turning 3 years old on Saturday March 19th! I couldn’t miss her birthday!

Thanks again to the wonderful women of Butter Toast!!


It’s a special time of year, spring is almost here.


  1. congratulations! hee hee welcome to the oh-so-addicty world of etsy. :P

  2. I've given you a blog award :) You can find it here:

  3. That is awesome!! I can't wait to see your etsy shop! & I love those button flowers too<3