Sunday, March 6, 2011

show some blog love!

I am just so thankful for such a wonderful and supportive blogging community I have found myself in. There are so many beautiful people out there that are always there to offer a smile through a happy little blog comment. One of those lovely ladies is Kelly at {Love ‘Art’ Child}. Look out, because this girl is an up and coming whirl wind! If you haven’t seen her blog you need too. She’s got that something, ya know? Kelly was sweet enough to honor my little blog with the “Stylish Blogger Award.” As many of you know I don’t really consider myself to be very stylish so this was a super sweet gesture and quite an honor. So, defiantly, thank you!

First, I have to give you eight facts about myself. Hmm… what haven’t I shared yet?

1. I want to learn to play the ukulele.
2. I love bread and butter pickles more than any person should (even when I’m not pregnant.)
3. I was adopted. I have completely accepted that fact and my parents are my parents, biologically or not.
4. I’m terrified of being a mother…. Again.
5. My biggest peep peeve is the sound of someone chewing. I not only married the loudest chewer every, my husband also chews in his sleep! It should like he’s gnawing on a porter house steak every night! How does that happen?
6. I have to sleep with some kind of covers over me.
7. I hate feet. Mine, yours, or whoever’s… ew…
8. I hate mornings and my daughter is the same way. It takes me a good 2 hours to even want to look at another human.

This is the part where I am supposed to tag eight other bloggers. Since I recently did the “7 Facts Award” I decided not to do this. Instead I encourage anyone reading this to check out my “blogs I heart” section. Some of the blogs on there you may already know, and maybe some you haven’t seen before. Wither it’s from my suggestions or from another blogs, today, read someones blog that you have never been to before and leave one nice comment for someone. You’ll brighten their day, I’m sure of it. Speaking of new blogs; leave a comment with your favorite blog. I love visiting new places, and I’ll go and leave each a happy little comment.

Thanks again Kelly! You’re blog is awesome and I can’t wait to read more from you!

Happy blog sharing!


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for all the lovely things you said about me and my blog :) and you're very welcome for the award, you really deserve it :D


  2. Hahhaa this post made me giggle :D

    2 hours to even look at another human. That sounds like my boyfriend xD

    I too am pretty scared about being a Mom again, but it's that thrilled sort of feeling. Like going on a roller coaster. Scared, and excited! Weee! :P~

    I have to sleep with something on me too. Even in the summer when it is blistering hot, I need a sheet or something to feel the comfort factor.

    Oh, and learn the play the ukulele, and post videos on your blog of your learning! I wanna see :D

    *squish* <3

  3. I want to play ukulele too but I play bass in the church band and my hubby says I don't practice that enough why would I practice another instrument lol.

    I have to have covers too - even in the summer I need a sheet or something - then again I have taken to napping on the sofa without any covers (then again we have so many cushions on there that they fall over and cover me anyway!