Wednesday, November 9, 2011

round up: things i'm diggin'

I've been searching around the web for things that really inspire me. From blogs, to items, to people, just searching. I found a few things that really drew me in and caught my eye. Maybe you will enjoy them too.

Flowers A to Z
This is a great little series on the design sponge blog. It makes me love flowers again. I want to go out and make a million bouquets!

Instant Love
This is an awesome little break down of instant film from the very talented photographer on xo.azuree blog. If you have a Polaroid camera laying around that you want you use, you need to read this.

giddy giddy DIY craft projects
I didn't know one person could be so creative. Terri on Giddy Giddy and a ton of super cute craft projects all up on her blog.

a dog's seeing eye dog
This is an adorable story about a dog that is blind being guided by another dog. Honestly, if more people took some tips from animals it might be a better world.

Merry May Shoppe Launch
I'm so excited for this little shoppe to take it's maiden voyage. I love the idea of a modile shop and in this cute little trailer (a 1961 Shasta Airflyte to be exact) how can you not love it's charm! If you're in Phoenix you should find it. I know I'm going too!

What have you come across lately? Anything of note?


  1. I love those flowers! & that seeing eye dog for the dog, HOW precious! <3 I hope your doing well, and that your little one is feeling better! Have a great day!

  2. the story about the seeing eye dog is so sweet..