Tuesday, November 8, 2011

guest post: favorite holiday recipe from cb at the city birds nest

hi with a chance of readers! i'm cb from city birds nest and i am super excited to be here today to share with you a new to me tradition!

growing up in a latino household our thanksgiving was anything but traditional but to us it was. yes, we had the turkey, spiced up with traditional yucatan spices and our table was packed full with other latino dishes but never did we have pumpkin pie. when i met tom, his family blew my mind with their traditional thanksgiving diner equipped with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy and best of all, pumpkin pie!!!

 since then i LOVE this holiday more then ever, which i really didn't think was every possible!  i found a recipe that i really really love and can't wait to make it each year, pumpkin pie with brown sugar walnut topping! i found the recipe on epicurious which you can view here. it is the perfect mix of pumpkin mush and sweet walnut crunch. the only thing i changed is instead of canned pumpkin i use real pumpkin. it is so easy and ten times yummier! 

first cut up your pumpkin, get all it's guts out and cut up into smaller pieces and throw into a pot with a bit of water and steam until the pumpkin flesh is tender. drain and then spoon out the flesh and put in a blender and set to puree and you are done and ready to bake!!

 pie doesn't last long in this house and makes the perfect breakfast too! enjoy i know my tummy did!

thanks again kat for allowing me to share my favorite recipe with your readers!




  1. wow this recipe looks delicious! i will have to try it. i had no idea you grew up in a latin household. i grew up in a carribean household and will experience my first traditional thanksgiving this year with my husband's family. i'll let you know when i try this.

  2. This sounds soo good! I've never seen a topping on pumpkin pie before. Must try this!