Friday, May 20, 2011

blog love weekly v7.0


This week for blog love weekly I am going to being sharing with you one very special blog. Recently Ashley from after nine to five started a blog called “The Bartering Blogger.” Anyone with a blog can join and swap wonderful goodies with other bloggers. It can be handmade or something a little different. I really love this idea. I don’t have a ton of money floating around to get buy new things just because I ‘want’ them, so the Bartering Blogger is a great solution! I was really excited to be able to swap ads with the Bartering Blogger for the month of May. Other bloggers on the page are also willing to swap ads. I can’t wait to share more trades in the future!


Speaking of Ashley, have you visited her blog? After Nine to Five is an amazing blog full of life experiences from the fabulous Ashley. I love the fact that a lot of her blog posts are just the written word. A lot of times I get so caught up in the visual aspect of blogging I forget about the really important stuff, ya know, like the writing! She can tell a story and give an opinion without all the visual over flow; you have to love a good writer. Her Etsy shop is also full of fun goodies! I’ve been drooling over a lot of her necklaces for a while. Someday when I actually start making money I’ll get one.

One another note: We’re back home and almost done cleaning. It’s so good to be home and as much as I was angry with him, I’m glad Piston is back with us again. It wasn’t the same sleeping without him at the end of the bed.

Happy Friday! You know what that means? Next week is my birthday! Keep a look out for something special!


  1. happy weekend!

    i'm a new follower of your blog & just wanted to say hello! thank you for recommending 'afterninetofive' also. i'm just amazed at how great the blogging community is - i find a new blog pretty much every day.

  2. Ohh birthday weeks are the best! I'm glad that you are back into your home:) Bartering blogger IS such a good idea! Seriously, I am so broke right now too, and want so many things! I hope you have a great friday!