Saturday, March 19, 2011

Journey to Etsy: My First Art Event.

Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of my Journey to Etsy. As I mentioned a little while ago the lovely ladies of Butter Toast Boutique have kindly asked me to set up a table in front of their vintage shop during this year’s Phoenix Art Detour. I have been over excited and busy getting ready or the event. I made a bunch of new hair piece as well as a small amount of new jewelry. I’ve been scanning over some of my favorite crafters blogs to see if they had any insight for craft fair booths. I have been seriously inspired by several lovely ladies in the crafting world.

{Bug Miscellany}
I love her metal board for magnets! I wish I knew where she got it from. Not that I have any magnets but it’s a cool idea!

Going Home to Roost
I discovered this site on a Google search and was completely drawn to this booths layout. The colors are amazing. I’m going for a spring theme so this really inspired me.

Peach Parlor
Jody is an amazing crafter and photographer. Her shop was one of the first I discovered on Etsy. I would kill for this picket fence set up for her wreaths! I wish I could have taken the time to make some custom wreaths for this event, so sad.

The City Birds Nest
Isn’t she a doll? I love the multiple layers and layout of her brightly colored table. It seems she had a lot of success at the craft fair she was attending in this photo. I hope I have just as much luck!

I really hope I remember to bring everything I need. I’ve been having nightmares that I forgot all my products or I didn’t wear pants, crazy things like that. It’s like getting ready for a speech in High School all over again. I thank God right now that I have worked in retail for so long. I really feel like it prepared me for an event like this. I never thought I’d be thankful for slinging lattes or booking appointments in a hair salon, but I think all my experience is really going to come in handy and makes me less nervous.

If you’re in the Phoenix area stop down at 6th Street tomorrow, Sunday March 20 and see me! I’ll be there with all the flowers hanging out in front of the gorgeous Butter Toast Boutique!

I can’t wait to fill you in on how everything goes! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!! ^_^


  1. Awesome, everything looks amazing!! How fun!!
    Happy weekend and thanks for the great poem in your comment!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Woohooo!!! So stoked for you! Have a blast and wear pants ;-)! xo Shannon

  3. Aww you are so awesome! Also, I must be behind because I missed this post until now! It's funny that I searched around for so long for set up inspiration, and now I'm inspiring others?! What a crazy world we live in :)

    I learned a lot after my first one, so just go in as prepared as you can be, and learn all you can to make the next one even better!