Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Little One!

Well, today at 6:37pm my daughter will be turning 3 years old. It seems like it's be forever and yet just yesterday that she came into our lives. I've said this before and I'll say it again, she really saved my life. Everything has changed since Aurora has been around and I couldn't be more pleased. Yes, she drives me CRAZY! Sometimes I get so frustrated that I sit and just cry. The terrible twos have been, well, terrible. She has been getting a lot better recently. I'm so proud of how much she has grown and how much she has learned.

7 months pregnant with my little monster!

Love that face!

This entire month has really been all about her. On Wednesday night her Granny flew in and we've been having fun ever since. Yesterday we went back to Sedona, AZ to show Granny around, and for her big day today we went to the Zoo.

Aurora and Granny made her Birthday Barbie cake this morning! Granny is seriously the best!


Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful little girl! Soon to be a big sister (yikes!)


  1. Precious post, enjoyed reading about your sweet wee one!

  2. Happy Birthday to Aurora!! How cute is she! And look at her little baby face<3!!

  3. Aww, wonderful post! Happy 3rd birthday to Aurora! <3