Thursday, March 17, 2011

happiness in my mailbox.

This morning to my pleasant surprise I had a package waiting for me in our mailbox! I was expecting it to be a present for Aurora’s Birthday but it was for me! Yay! It was the prizes from the Grin & Bear It Giveaway. I love Heidi’s blog, and her goodies on Etsy, so when I found out I won I about fell off my chair. I never win anything! Maybe my luck is changing!

I had to show the cute little owl that was on my package. I love him! He’s a keeper for sure.

My winnings ^_^ One adorable hat handmade by Heidi, and handmade pair of darling rose earrings, and a super cute and AWESOME watch!

You may not think it but this darling little hat is going to come in handy for chilly Arizona mornings. Yes, it does get old here! We had a record low of 28 degrees this past February.
{me without my glasses on, a littel scary, sorry about this!}

I haven’t worn a watch in ages, but I know I’m going to be wearing this one all the time! I love the color, and I have a feeling Aurora is going to try and steal it from me (fat chance kid! ^_~)
{stupid glare! it really is a great watch.}

So, a HUGE thank you to Heidi! She took such time and care with these items and I’m so happy to have them. Go check out her blog and etsy shop for more amazing goodies!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
(I love being Irish!){my attempt at a button shamrock, just for you.}


  1. I love that hat!!! It is absolutely adorable! And that owl at the beginning is so cute! I think I will have to check out her page. =) Congrats on all your new fun stuff!!

  2. Yay im so glad that you got it<3 And that you like what was in it:) Thanks for all the promotion, you are too sweet. Oh and that little shamrock button is SO cute. Have a great day Kat!