Friday, November 5, 2010

"Edward,don't lick Max."

I have currently been completely addicted to the movie “Penelope.” I love quirky, almost dark, but still sweet and romantic movies like this one. I took some screen shoots for you to fully understand what I am saying here, (beware this is very picture heavy.) If you have no idea what movie I’m talking about I’ll give you a little insight:

Generations ago a curse was placed in the wealthy Wilhern family. That curse would be on the next born daughter of the family. The curse would only be broken by the daughter being excepted by her own kind. Time passes and luckily no daughters are born into the family until; Penelope. Her mother is obsessed with finding her a “blue blooded” husband to marry her and break the curse.

The characters of this story are so colorful and vibrant. Each of them is well thought out and very well played, not to mention great line! From the pirate patch wearing report Lemon to the main character Penelope. You may think they are a little over done and over dramatic but really, I think most people don’t realize how we really act most of the time. Dramatics is our life.

Let’s talk wardrobe. I wish I had the grace to pull off the adorable outfits Penelope wears is this movie! I adore her flowing skirts, cute tops, and lovely brooches’. I would also kill for her sweet heels! The wardrobe has an excellent way of making the movie seem just a little vintage without over doing it. Ever character in this movie I think is made a little extra special by the clothes they wear. The costuming for this movie is excellent. I think one of the best parts is the color choices they picked for each character. They truly did a brilliant job.

Another great thing about this movie is that I want Penelope’s bedroom! Staging for this movie was excellent. You get and interesting glimpse into the secluded life of this poor girl. She created her own little world in her bedroom. She wasn’t allowed to play outside or be with other kids so she created her version of the outside world inside. Plus, I love terrariums’!

Can you tell I love Penelope’s character? She’s kind of sad and pathetic, but also innocent and quirky. One of my favorite scenes of the movie (careful there’s a little spoiler here) is her for glimpse of the outside world. It’s a wonder land to her. Each thing she comes upon is a new fresh discovery. The cinematography is this seen is beautiful, something out of a dream.

Last thing I’ll say is that the sound track is great. Its sweet a quirky and kind of melancholy, just like Penelope. Every piece of the movie is orchestrated in such a manner that tells the story and brings the characters to life. I know your probably thinking, really a movie rated PG that didn’t really win anyways or hasn’t been talked about that much is that good? Trust me, step back from your world for a little while and walk in Penelope’s high heel shoes, you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy.


  1. i work at blockbuster, and i look at this movie all the time and never rent it! i think you've finally sold me and i plan on bringing it home tonight :)

  2. please do! i think you'll really enjoy it. you'll have to get back to me and tell me what you thought, and i want honesty. thank you!

  3. Been wanting to see it. Never really a huge fan of Christina Ricci but the premise is so adorable and so something I would have written myself that I am gonna send Ross to get it on our next movie date night!