Tuesday, November 2, 2010

blogging late might not be such a good idea.

I sit here in the recliner of this home and wonder why I am not asleep. My thoughts fly in a thousand directions. What I could do what I could create and how I can get there. I don’t feel right unless I am making something. My hands must always be going a million miles a moment to feel whole and right. I can’t stop myself. I must use color. I must be pulling; snipping, gluing, painting, clicking, or I don’t feel right. My eyes ach to close but not I must resist for one more moment of inspiration. If I can just get the urge to do, I will.

Do you ever get so tired you can’t sit still? I think I’m there.

So I drift off to dreams and leave you with some creative things….

1. violetbellaphoto 2. ashleyg 3. katiefenwick 4. blackoutwell 5. CameraSHYphotography 6. feltandfound

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