Sunday, June 6, 2010

my first treasury...

So this past Friday night I was very excited to make my very first Treasury on the website If you don’t know I adore Etsy and spend a lot of my free time perusing through the thousands of hand made items and mounds of beautiful art work. On Etsy members are able to select several of their favorite items and put them in a “Treasury” and be kind of like you’re very own Curator of a miniature art gallery. Here is my selections of some artists I love there!

Sellers from left to right:
thelittleprints, sleepykind, tuttistudio, mkendall
KnockKnocking, JessicaPoundstone, lacerubbish, seasprayblue
Lindsayart, siennaorlando, OIive, groundwork
Naokosstoop, mirthmarket, rachelaustin, michelemaule

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