Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my kid is pretty Brave...


This weekend we took the girls to see their first movie in the theaters. I, personally, have not seen a movie in the theaters since Enchanted came out in 2008. Sad, but true. Aurora had been wanting to see Brave ever since the commercials started playing on TV. I was excited for her but a little nervous too. The movie seemed a little intense for her and I wasn't sure how she'd handle the big dark theater.

We decided to go to an earlier showing on Saturday morning, thinking there would be less people. Well, that wasn't exactly true. I don't think the movie time was sold out but it was pretty close. I was happy to see I wasn't the only mother with her young baby going to the movie theater. We all wanted to go see the movie. One of us wasn't about to stay home with our 10 month old while the other got to go out. That didn't seem fair. Carolina did pretty well during the movie. She got pretty upset about half way through. She gets so cranky when she's tried. Once she fell asleep she was gold.

Aurora didn't find the movie or the dark theater scary at all, to my surprise. Her biggest problem was the theater seat. She wasn't heavy enough to keep it down so it kept folder her up into it. It freaked her out a little. I ended up lifting the arm rest up and sitting half on her seat and half on mine to keep it down. Thank goodness for my thunder thighs!

I think she really enjoyed the movie a lot. She was cracking up at points and really didn't seem effected by the more intense scenes. On the car ride home she said that she "doesn't like bears" but I know she liked the movie. I have to hand it to Disney and Pixar. They did a really great job with this movie. The story line was pretty good. The animation was beautiful. It was the right amount of cute, funny, scary and action packed with little to no romance at all. It was a nice change of pace from all the other Disney princess movies out there. I totally would have been obsessed with this movie in my younger years.

I hope that there will be more movies like that in the future that we can take Aurora and Carolina too. It really was a fun way to spend time with the family.


  1. so glad the outing went well! my little niece went to and loved it. i wish i could have taken her! i really want to see the movie but tom just isn't into it. he has a hard time with new animation movies which i totally get but this one looks so good and it is about a girl! who doesn't love a girl hero! well hopefully i will win the battle and we go!

    1. You should totally go see it! It was good. My husband liked it, although he is surrounded by girls 24/7 ;)

  2. Movies and kids is so hard!! You never know how they will react. We just saw brave and I was laughing my pants off. It was so cute

    1. I'm so glad we picked Brave as our first. I'm glad you thought it was funny too. I was laughing :)