Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 in 4 weigh in: number two.

weigh in: week 2

Starting: 161
Week Two: 157
Lost: 4lbs
I hang my head in shame.

Week two hasn't gone so well. After my weigh in last week the girls and I caught some kind of a head cold and I was miserable for a few days. That definitely took away any motivation I had to work out. Then over the weekend it was my husband birthday so we splurged. Saturday at the movies we got popcorn and and then went to his favorite restaurant. After cheating on our diet that day I've been having trouble getting back on track. I'm hungry again all the time. It's so hot here that we really can't take for the girls out for our walk, even at night. It's just frustrating and I'm making up a lot of excuses. I guess I got a little cocky when I lost 4lbs in my first week that I slacked off a lot. That was probably all water weight. I need to get it together and push through it. 

The last to weeks I was on a search for good recipes now I'm on the look out for good work out plans. Since its going to be hitting 111+ degrees here outside exercise is kind of out of the question. What's your favorite kind of work out?


  1. : / I hate when I start dieting and I'm hungry all the time. Eventually when your stomach shrinks it will pass, but it is such a pain to get past that part. I need to start dieting again. My husband is and lost 10 lbs in the first week. I wanted to smack him. It's so easy for guys!

    1. My husband lost a bunch of weight already too. It's so not fair! lol oh well...