Friday, June 22, 2012

catching up with the girls.

june: catching up with the girls.
Carolina or "C"
10 Months
Her hobbies include:
*Crawling around the family room, looking for trouble.
*Pulling herself up and standing.
*Feeding herself.
*"Reading" to herself
*Waving and say "rerroo" (hello)
*Babbling, mimicking sounds and waving.
*Climbing all over the dog, her sister, and mommy.

june: catching up with the girls.
Aurora or "Bits"
4 years 
Her hobbies include:
*Playing movie theater, house, and garage sale.
*Taking her "kid" places.
*Watching Phineas and Ferb.
*Going for bike rides and swimming.
*Playing outside even when its 109 degrees.
Oh, and She is terrified of flies....

What have you been up too lately?


  1. you call her bits, so cute! i love that picture of her, she looks so relaxed and cool. too cute! it must be so much fun to have little ones (im sure there are times it isn't too much fun) and playing all the time! they are just so adorable!

    1. they are pretty fun. it's a hard thing to remember sometime, mainly when it's 5am on Saturday morning and all you want to do it sleep but you suddenly feel little hands crawling up the bed requesting juice and cereal already. ;)

  2. omg they are the cutest.. I love how Bits likes to play garage sale.. lol and a rerro back at ya C

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty lucky, they are adorable.