Tuesday, May 15, 2012

catching up with my girls.

The girls are getting bigger everyday. I look at Aurora and her long lanky legs and big brown eyes and her entire childhood flies before my eyes. I remember when we first moved to Arizona and she was barely talking at all. Now I can't get her to stop talking! They are thriving though and that's all that really matters.

Carolina or "C"
Already 8 months old!
Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes, Bananas and Puffs.
Favorite Activity: Picking things up and putting them in her mouth (even if she shouldn't).
New Activity: Crawling around and getting into her sisters toys.

Carolina is starting to sleep a little better then she was. She's taking her bottle all day now and only nursing at night. I feel a little more refreshed during the day and its great. I also get a little time to relax after they both go to bed at night. Of course C wakes up in the middle of the night but its better than nothing. I can't believe how cute and chubby she is. I love it.

Aurora or "Bits"
4 years old (going on 14, oy.)
Favorite Food: Strawberries and Pasta
Favorite Activity: Right now all she wants to do is play "Pittsburgh." She pretends to fly home and see her Granny, I know she misses her a lot.
New Activity: Singing Songs. She's at the point where she has words to song memorized and sings them all that time. She also is really good with numbers. I don't really know what happened but she one day it just clicked and she started counting everything. It's great to see her grow mentally.

Aurora is starting preschool soon and I just hope she's ready. She's really not interested at all in going but know it will be good for her. She really wants to be with other kids. We go to the park and she gets so upset when no one else is there. It breaks my heart. 

I don't ever want to forget how they were growing up. I have a horrible long term memory, I don't even remember my own childhood. So when they get old I want to be able to look back and let the pictures and stories bring back those memories for me. Be warned there will be a lot of photos and stories of my kids to come. It's mainly for my own personal memory. I love looking back and remember. 

What's something from your childhood that you never want to forget? 

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