Tuesday, November 1, 2011

my musical past.

Many moons ago music was my life. I slept, ate, drank, everything music. In most of my down time between work and college classes you would find me tucked away writing lyrics. I think my parents probably still have a huge trunk full of all of my rambling lyrical writing. I have a note book of some of my "better" work with me. It's fun to look back at what I was feeling back in the good old days.

Music is an amazing way to express the way you feel. Writing was always such a great escape for me. I never really got the whole music writing part of it down. I dabbled in guitar and piano but never really got the hang of it. I still have my super old hand me down guitar (the is missing a string) but I never play it. I have been contemplating picking up a new instrument. Maybe guitar isn't a good starter. I also took piano lesson and that was a big flop. I never give up, try try again! So when I saw Little Chief Honey Bee's amazing ukulele giveaway I freaked! Since my last birthday I've been thinking about buying one. Before I buy anything I think a really long time about it. Like an unnaturally long time. I rarely buy a pair of pants without going in and out of the store twice. I think I'd really would like to at least try and play though.

This is my big chance! I (or you) could win this beauty from Little Chief Honeybee!

Good luck if you enter! Well maybe I should just say good luck to me since I want would love that little guy. ^_~

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  1. I basically love that you are a music kid! I want to learn the guitar but I'm going to have to take lessons, I'm not a good learner from people I love... wah wah! I'd love to see you play the ukulele! I hope you win!

    xo S