Monday, November 7, 2011

family dance party.

Life in our house hold is finally starting to slow down. All of our visitors have gone home and we're finally getting over our sickness. In a couple of weeks we leave to visit Pittsburgh but it's nice to just get back to "normal" for a while. Like I said in my sick day post I've been feeling pretty down and out lately, like I forgot how to have fun. On Friday night that all changed.

We were just hanging out as a family. I think Marc had just finished watching Tombstone for the millionth time when he decided to put on Pandora. It used to be a ritual to have Pandora on every Friday night and have a dance party. Marc and Aurora, apparently, would get "dizzy" all night when I was going to the First Friday art events in downtown Phoenix. Those were some great times. It was like having those free times back again. We ran around in circles and laughed and joked. It was so much fun. I felt like a kid. Aurora had so a good time. She was laughing so hard at her crazy mom and dad running around with her. Caroline was in her swing watching this craziness unfold with a slightly terrified look on her face, poor dear.

I remember when I was younger and no one was home I would turn my music up and dance around the living room. I'd have my eyes closed and my hands in the air singing along to every word. It think moments like that are my favorites. It's amazing how freeing music can be. One song can effect so many different people in so many different ways. To my little girl a song is a moment to have fun with mommy and daddy, to me it's a moment to forget my cares and enjoy time. Some songs feel like time just stops for a while and I can finally catch my breath. How does music make you feel?

There were many songs that come on Pandora that night. Including Johnny Cash, The Zac Brown Band, and John Mayer. Two of my favorites from that night were "Better Together" by Jack Johnson and "Why Don't We Just Dance" By John Turner.

What are your favorite dance songs? What really gets you "free"?

I hope you all get to have a great dance party sometime soon!

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