Monday, October 24, 2011

baby steps: tattooed barbie

I thought I would weigh in on this tattoo Barbie issue. I know a ton of parents out there are up in arms about the company that created a Barbie with pink hair and tattoos, I can semi understand what they are concerned about. No one wants their 8 year old to run out and get a tattoo but how about we don’t let it get to that point, huh?

Tokidoki Barbie

There is no hiding the fact that my husband has tattoos. I have one also but it’s a little more under wraps. I don’t plan on hiding our “body art” from our girls. They are going to see people all over with tattoos, piercings and rainbow colored hair I don’t hide it from them. I want my girls to understand the permanence of that sort of thing.

I think everyone knows someone who regrets a tattoo or piercing. If I would have known my belly button was going to look this gross after having two kids I probably wouldn’t have gotten it pierced. However I don’t plan on showing of my belly anytime soon so it’s not that big of a deal.

I really believe that if you have a very open and honest communication with your kids they will respect your wishes. I want my girls to understand a few things about tattoos. First, they aren’t allowed to get any tattoos until they are 18. That’s the law and that’s my law also. Second, they have to really think about what they are getting done. Thirdly, they have to discuss it with their dad and I. Lastly, Make sure whoever is doing the work is clean and an experienced artist.

Just like how I don’t want them going around drinking and partying behind my back, I don’t want them to permanently mark their bodies either. My parents made it very clear to me that tattoos were a HUGE “no no” in our house. I think my mom would skin me if she knew I had a tattoo. They were okay with some others things though. They didn’t mind that I wanted to dye my hair blue. My mom actually encouraged me to get my belly button pierced. I think those little things made me okay with not getting a tattoo until I was out of their house. When I got it I was fully able to understand what I was doing and I’ll never regret it.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not a parent of a teenager yet so maybe all of this is going to blow up in my face. I just know that getting upset over a Barbie with tattoos seems silly. People all over the world have tattoos. How are you going to explain them to your kids? Just because someone has tattoos and pink hair doesn’t make them a bad person. If you an honestly tell your kids what you really believe I think they will listen to you. Well, at least I hope so.


  1. Honestly, I don't think it should be a huge deal if they release "Tattooed Barbie" to children. I think half of the things they dress Barbie in are more offensive than a Barbie with a couple tattoos. Obviously I'm not condoning letting your child get a tattoo but I think its a little silly to assume that they will never see a person with a tattoo in any of their childhood years.

    Just my opinion though =)

  2. i think it is a great idea to release something like this. as a tattooed lady and others who lead alternative lives, we need to expose our children to them so that there is no prejudice. that is what creates hate and fear and exposure to it makes everyone understand each other better. how cute would it be to get a barbie that looks more like me, a tattooed mama, right? i think as long as you respect your children enough to be honest about everything and are not hiding things, in turn your children won't be as eager to run out and get pierced behind your back, they would be more likely to ask first. my dad has tattoos and they never hide them from me and when i was 16 i asked my mom if i could get my nose pierced and she was fine with it because i asked her first and 2nd it is my body and not hers so rightfully she has no say in what i did with it. and people who think that tattoos & piercing are a gateway to other scary things don't know shit and that is where prejudice comes into play.

    sorry for the long rant, i am very passionate about my body art and think others should have open minds about different people and creating a happy place for everyone to live no matter what you look like :D great post!

  3. Grown-up Barbie, this is really not good idea for children I think.