Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Round Up: Hello Baby!

With having a three year old and a new baby there isn’t really much time in my life to craft. That makes me kind of sad because I really do love to make new things. I love searching around and finding tutorials I’d love to try, they tend to just stack up in my favorites tab and I never actually get to work on them.

I’m going to try and live vicariously through you! I created a list of some of the tutorials I’m dying to try but just don’t have the time right now. If you do make any of these lovelies I definitely want to know what it!

{Pamplemousse1983} Maryam always has really cute and super easy tutorials. I’d love to make a little headband for Carolina.

{The Doe or the Deer} Okay, so this one really isn’t really for “baby” but I think it would be a super cute nursery décor idea!

{Janae Hardy via A Beautiful Mess} Hm, yeah these little shoes are just way to adorable and perfect for Arizona weather.

{Janae Hardy via A Beautiful Mess} I had to put another one of her tutorials on this list because this dress looks so easy to make and it so cute. We all know my challenges with the sewing machine!

{Create Loves} I love the musical modile we have now but I adore the look and feel of a DIY modile.

I really hope I get to try these out soon. Please, do share if you make any!

Lots of love!


  1. These are really good ideas! Now all I have to do is have a baby ;) haha. Have a good Wednesday dear!

  2. that little mobile is so cute! i made my nephew one last year and i kinda wanted to make one for myself! hehe