Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crafting with a Kid: Paper Bag Puppets.

I love the fact that the simplest project can entertain my daughter for hours. The other day I took out some paper bags, markers, crayons, and crafty supplies and we made some little friends. She just enjoyed scribbling on the bags and sticking stuff to them. Aurora did her best to create characters on her bags, she was a little afraid of mine at first. We played with them for several hours after we made them. We pretended they went to the park, McDonald’s, and we even gave them a nap. I love watching her imagination grow. Heck, I had fun too!

What creative things have you been up to lately?


  1. so cute! aurora is just so adorable! paper puppets like that always remind me of those fandango commercials! hehehe


  2. so cute! at the school where i work we often do painting in a bag...where we put paint in a paper bag like that, squish it up/shake it/etc then cut it open to see what art has been created! ps. LOVE your blog :)