Saturday, June 11, 2011

baby bump: 30 weeks.

My baby “bump” doesn’t really feel like a “bump” anymore, it’s more like a mountain. The little one is growing big healthy and strong. A lot of the time it doesn’t fell like she is just kicking and punching, it’s more like she is trying to escape! Over all though I can’t complain too much, I will complain about the heat though. It’s starting to hit 100 degrees here in AZ and if my dog and kid don’t even want to be outside you know it’s hot. I thought I had swelling issues during my first pregnancy; I’ve been blowing up like a blimp! I’m trying to not eat too many salty things but that’s all I want to eat!

Until we told our neighbors that I was pregnant they didn't realize we were having another kid. Apperently I just look like I'm HUGE!

My belly button is about to explode. It's been lovingly called "Snaggle Tooth." Isn't my husband sweet?

Speaking of eating, I went for my sugar test last week and got my results back the other day. I’m on the border line of having gestational diabetes. My number just reaches where it probably shouldn’t be. My doctor seemed pretty confident that it won’t be a problem since I’m not over weight and didn’t have an issue with it during my first pregnancy. She still ordered the three hour lab test and kind of left it up to me. I, honestly, would rather exercise more and watch what I eat. Either way, if there is an issue or not I’m going to have to change my habits. I know I haven’t been eating the best ever lately. Loads of carbs and a ton of sugar are not good for a pregnant body. So, the dog and I have been taking long walks in the morning, Aurora and I have been hitting the pool to stay active and cool and I’m going to work on not eating everything I see. I still should probably take the test but I want to make sure I’m under control before I go back in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Look at you! You make such and adorable pregnant lady! A friend of mine had the same situation with her sugar, she's just taking it easy with food and walking more, she said it's done the trick! Can't wait to meet your sweet new little!

    xo Shannon

  2. You look GREAT Kat! I couldn't even imagine being way pregnant in the summer in Utah. Little alone in ARIZONA. That sounds miserable. I love that your belly button sticks out:) Also, sorry about the 1 hour glucose. The three hour looks miserable:( I hope that you pass the 3 hour!

  3. you are too cute!! yes i think as long as you use that energy up then you will be okay. carbs are good but as long as you use that energy other wise they turn to sugar!

    hope you are having a great weekend!


  4. I'm in AZ too, and I can't imagine going through a third trimester in this heat! You're a tough cookie. Cute bump :)

  5. You're absolutely lovely! Good for your for taking the right steps to ensure that it will be under control and doing what's best for you. :]

  6. Really good post!