Saturday, March 26, 2011

one year down... how many more to go?!

I just finished my final math test of the quarter, which means, if I pass it I will have successfully completed one year of my new college adventure. It’s defiantly been an uphill battle getting through all of my classes. I’ve cried a lot, wanted to throw my computer, wanted to jump through my computer and shake someone, and I've wanted to give up. I’m really glad I didn’t. Although my goals are different now, I still want to finish and finally have my Bachelors degree. I think it’s kind of crazy that “people” expect kids to come right out of high school and spend a ton of money and time going to college and learning something and then 5 years down the road they find out they hate it and/or they can’t find a job. I think in that way I’m really lucky. Even though I still have no idea what I’m doing at least I’ve had time to grow and learn before starting up again.

My core photography classes have been kind of frustrating for me as well as my regular classes. I either feel like I haven’t learned anything, or I’m learning stuff I’m never really going to use. I have had cases were I feel really empowered by what I’m learning. I don’t really feel like I’m growing as a Photographer yet, if anything I feel like I’ve taken several steps back, but I know I’ll get there again. It’s hard to want to break out my camera for a fun event when I know I’m just going to have to bust it out again and do a project that I really have no interest in at all. I guess that’s what college is though right? They want us to be “well rounded.”

I wanted to post a bunch of photos from my classes, but I could find very many I like enough! You can always look at my past blog posts about my classes and photography! Some of my favorite photos were talking in my Photography 101 class, way before I even thought I was going to be going to school for photography at all. I posted them before, but they make me happy so I wanted to share again.

I really want to work on this more and more. I want it to become enjoyable again and not just a burden. I’m really glad that I cut my schedule down to part time for a while. It will really be a nice change! I have a week off until my next class starts and I have A LOT planned! I just hope I can get it all done!

On a side note I just want to thank all the lovely bloggers that were out at the Arizona Blogger Meet Up this afternoon! I’m really sad I wasn’t able to attend the dinner but I’m so glad I got to share some tasty wieners out of a truck with you guys! ^_~

Cheers to Chelsea, Danielle, and Kelsey (and everyone else) for putting this whole thing together! I have so much to blog about this event, stay tuned!

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  1. I just saw something about the big AZ meet up on another blog! I am so excited for the AZ bloggers...can't wait to hear all about it! xx Cat