Thursday, March 31, 2011

journey to etsy: photography.

Well if you've looked for any kind of advice on Etsy one of the first things you'll hear about is having good photographs. There are a ton of people out there that have online shops, and as much as we would hope to be unique, a lot of them are selling the same exact thing. So, what is going to draw a customer to your shop over others? Photographs.

I'm not going to lie; I'm not an avid online shopper. I like to see, touch, and even smell what I'm going to be buying before I buy it. So I want to make sure my photos highlight my products as much as possible for an online shopper. You'd think for a photography major that this would be easy, not so much. I'm still just learning, and I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my photos. Thanks to some advice from two other wonderful bloggers and Etsy seller; Ashley and Chrissy, I decided just to go with it. I'm going to roll with what I've got and just keep perfecting my photos as I go. I can't hurt to change things up and relist on Etsy right?

Etsy Shop Photo Preview.


I also discovered two tutorials that I think are really going to help me the next time around.
Ashley from After Nine to Five recommend that I build a lightbox for my photos. I think this is going to be really useful and I'm going to be taking tips from her tutorial over on her blog. {Thanks again!!!}

Maryam from Pamplemousse! also did a great blog guest post on how to Etsy photography. The tutorial is over at The Art of Staying Up All Night and it is really helpful.

Well, I guess that's that! If you have any advice or know of any good tutorials on photographing products please let me know! Or, if you want any advice or critique, I'm still learning but I can help some, right? I can't help it, I love to help!

Now, go take some pictures! ^_^


  1. You should have never doubted yourself - I love the photos! :]

  2. the photos looks great! i am really horrible at taking pictures so i am having a buddy of mine take them for me and i am sure it will ramp up the sales! good luck sweetie! you are going to do so well!


  3. i honestly think the photos you posted look great! crisp and clean, great colors.. and pictures of your goodies in use is always a plus!

    keep up the great work!

  4. I agree with Ashley, your pics are wonderful!!
    Thanks for the sweet shout-out! Hugs xxx

  5. you guys are so sweet! thank you so much for your postive feedback. it gives me a lot of comfort. you're the best!!! <3

  6. awesome photos!! I'll definitely feature you on Friday Etsy Favorites next week!! :)

  7. Mary - Thanks you so much!!! <3 You're such a sweet heart!

  8. hahaha. All of my etsy photos suck so bad! I used my cell phone>.< I am too lazy to relist them all with my new camera photos. haha. New listings will be better though! YOur photographs look great though!