Wednesday, March 23, 2011

it's a....

It's a GIRL!!!



I think you could have knocked me over with a feather when the lady said it was a girl! I seriously thought it was going to be a boy. She is SO super low and is completely different from Aurora. I'm so excited though.

Aurora was very excited to go see "bebe in mummy's tummy." She did a very good job through my entire doctor’s visit. I'm so proud. She carried around the sonogram pictures the rest of the night. She doesn't really understand the concept of having a baby sister, she just know a baby is coming. She's excited for now, and I'm excited she's going to have a little sister to play with.

We are still debating on a name. We are pretty sure on the first name, but we're still decided on a middle name. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep that as a surprise or not. I've never been good at keeping secrets about myself. If someone else told me a secret I could take it to the grave, but if it's about me, I blab!

I can't wait to meet our new little addition! She already has super long fingers and limbs. Aurora is pretty tall, but this kid is going to be really long I think. It still kind of feels unreal, but I'm itching to get everything ready!

^_^ Happy Wednesday!


  1. Congratulations!! So exciting :) I was betting on a boy were so low ....and all baby.....Praying for HEALTHY, which is really all that matters!!!

    Love Deb

  2. AHHHH! I am so excited! How cute:) How awesome is it that you got her with a peace sign. Hehe. I can't wait for her to be born! I seriously have a smile from ear to ear. Thanks for making my day<3

  3. Awwww congratulations!!! That is so exciting!! I'm sure Aurora is going to make a great big sister!!!

  4. Awwwwww! How exciting!! Congratulations! I looooove Aurora's name, so I can't wait to hear the new bebe's name! :-D