Monday, February 28, 2011

reminder: 30 days of lists.

February has just flown by! I can't believe that tomorrow will be March! So many exciting things are happening. One of our closest friends is coming to visit us, Marc's mom is coming to visit, it's Aurora's 3rd birthday, and the Arizona Blogger meet up is on March 26th. There's also another awesome thing happening, but I'll be keeping that a secret for now.

I'm really excited for something that will be happening the entire month of March: 30 days of lists! I've talked about it before in my time management post, I can't believe it starts tomorrow! I haven't even made my book yet! Oops! I have so much work to do!

Have you check this out yet? I think it's going to be fabulous! Thanks to the lovely ladies who put this together. I'm so excited!

30 days of lists


  1. I'm anxious for tomorrow to get here so I can get moving on the lists as well! :]

  2. I seriously cannot believe its March. This year is already going by so fast!

    <3, New Follower
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