Monday, February 7, 2011

Etsy Art Inspirations.

Recently I've been itching to start painting again. I've been having trouble getting started, one of the reasons was I couldn't really get to my supplies. They were tucked away under a ton of... stuff in our closet. Maybe that was just an excuse, but no more! I cleaned the closet out yesturday and I can happily get to everything I need!

I have to say surfing around on Etsy always inspires me to paint and create. There are so many artists that really inspire me to pick up a paint brush and just go for it! I wanted to share them with you, maybe you'll get the painting bug too!







One of the reasons I love Tascha's art so much is her youtube videos. She records herself painting and plays it in fast motion. It's so interesting to watch. She also has some other really cute tutorials and videos. Check her YouTube out here: time with tacsha.

I can only hope that I can aspire to be as talented as these artists. Practice makes perfect! So, what am I doing blog?! I should be painting! I'll be updating you on my progress.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. i love these!! the second one is my favorite!! happy monday!

  2. oOooo I'm loving all of these paintings! and I can't wait to see what art comes out of your creative mind! Have a great day:)