Tuesday, February 22, 2011

baby bump: 14 weeks 5 days.

I promise to not let my blog to become all about baby, but there is bound to be a lot about the bun in the oven. I just got back from the doctor and things are going really well. I got to hear the babies heart beat today which was insanely adorable. I don't know how a heart beat can be adorable but it was!

Early for my appointment.

There was some surprising news though. I don't know how but I lost 2 lbs since my last visit! That brings my total weight lose to 12 lbs. I'm told this is completely normal, but its so weird. I feel like I'm eating all the time and I really haven't been sick at all. I'm going to take this as a blessing. I think I learned from mistakes in my first pregnancy so I'm not eating that bad, and we walk A LOT! So all is good!

Where's my feet go?

Baby bump or "beer" belly? Not that I drink mind you!!! lol

For my next visit I'll have my full scan done and we'll find put the sex and all that good stuff. Granny Play, Marc's mom, will be here for that as well as Aurora's 3rd birthday. Crazy, time is flying by!

Piston, just because he's cute! ^_^


  1. Cute bump! Lucky girl, I hope that when I get pregnant I will lose and not be sick:) Sounds like a dream haha. But I have a feeling it won't be that way. Cute puppy too!

  2. Awww, adorable baby bump. I love hearing the baby's heart at the doctor's office. For my first I actually cried tears of joy. This one (I am 33 weeks) I get all warm and fuzzy feeling. :D

    SERIOUSLY though, you are very lucky. I do light exercise, and eat moderately, and I am still packing the pounds like skinny has gone out of style. I do like to treat myself once a week or so, but I have had to cut out lots of my fav daily items (*sigh for her OJ*) Keep doing what your doing, if the doctor says your healthy, and all is well. :D

  3. so cute! {i'm looking forward to more baby bump pictures - they're just adorable!} and congrats!!