Tuesday, January 25, 2011

list and energy and brooches... OH MY!

I’ve been a super busy bee today! I woke up kind of early and finished all of my homework before Aurora woke up! I was also able to start making a new blog button, which I love if you didn’t notice. I then made a To Do List for the rest of my day. It was pretty busy but I’m proud that I fit everything in!

I even got to make a brooch for my mom. She had asked me to make one for her when we were visiting over Christmas, but I just haven’t found the time, or the energy. I finally did it and I’m excited to get it in the mail for her. It’s kind of a surprise and not something I usually do for my mom, so I’m a little tickled by it.

I even got in two blog posts today! I don’t know where my energy came from but I wanted to get stuff done so I just did it. It feels good. I still have to drop off my prescription and go to my doctor’s appointment. It’s nothing serious just routine stuff.

How was your day? Busy? Lazy? I love both kinds of days!


  1. I was busy during work and now lazy ;) Cute brooch!

  2. Pretty brooch! Love the blog and button redesign, too.

  3. my day has been very lazy! i love to do lists though, it feels so good to mark stuff off!