Monday, January 31, 2011

Adventures in Craftiness: Simple Paper Hearts.

Our little palm tree we used for our Christmas tree this past year is still alive and doing very well. That’s saying a lot because I’m not good with plants. I decided that while it’s still around I was going to decorate it for different holidays. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up I decided to make some creative paper hearts for our tree. I have a ton of cards from different occasions that I hate to see just sit in a box, so I used them, as well at other scrap booking paper to create fun little decorations!

Scarp paper, magazines, or old cards
Floral scarp booking embellishments, buttons, and/or glitter
Scrap booking tacks (“Brads”)
Mod Podge or your favorite adhesive
Ribbon, string, or yarn

Step One
Cut out small heart shapes that will be the center of your ornaments.
Step two
Trace a larger heart around your small heart for the outside background.

Step Three
Glue smaller heart shapes to the center of the larger heart shapes and let them dry.

Step Four
Take your tack and put it through your embellishment as well as through your glued card cut out.

Step five
Cut your ribbon to your desired length and push your tack through both ends of the ribbon. Open and fold down the ends of your tacks when you’re done.

Then presto! You have lovely heart ornaments just in time for Valentine’s Days! These would also make really great kids crafts or even bunting! Have fun and great creative!!

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  1. Cute idea! I love your little palm tree ♥ have a great night girl!