Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving: a recap.

I can’t believe thanksgiving is over. I had been ho-humming about it for a while. As many of you know this was our first year away from our family and in Arizona for a Holiday which meant one thing: we had to cook. This thought was pretty terrifying to me. I HATE cooking. I do cook for us on a regular bases but I have been rather intimidated by exploring anything outside the realms that I’m familiar with. I’m pretty darn proud of us though, dinner was completely edible, very yummy, and no one got worms! Marc made the best turkey I’ve ever eaten, and I don’t like meat. The broccoli casserole I made was very tasty, although the corn bread I made needed some help. They only thing that wasn’t good at all was the pumpkin pie we bought from the grocery store, ew, Aurora likes it though. I’m glad our first Holiday was successful but I’m still really excited to head home to Pittsburgh for Christmas and eat food that someone else made for a change. I can’t help but love Granny Pkay’s cooking!

Marc's yummy turkey in the oven.

I'm so proud!

Piston really wanted some too. He did get a couple bites from the table.

We did get to eat dinner with family. We skyped with Marc's family during dinner! I love technology sometimes!

Happy Trails!

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  1. I too am terrified of cooking anything I do not normally make. Luckily I have not had to make my own thanksgiving dinner yet. I'm glad yours turned out and nobody got sick!! Haha jk;) happy thanksgiving! & isn't skype awesome!?