Friday, November 12, 2010

Bowling anyone?

Due to the fact that we’ve moved we’ve gotten the opportunity to talk to our friends and family back home via “Skype.” If you don’t know what “Skype” is then let me explain; it's like calling video chating, you use a webcam. So not only are you calling your friend you can see them too. You can in the same city or even a different country to use “Skype.” They also have a phone plan but I’m not sure how that works. There’s a bunch of different games you can play with another person you are “skyping” with one of them is bowling. My daughter loves to watch this game for whatever reason. She loves the noise and the excitement. I love the retro theme they gave the virtual bowling alley.

So with that in mind I decided to but a list of fun “bowling” items. They’re fun, colorful, and vintage. I hope you enjoy.

How can you resist this bowling set from Muddy Feet?

What home would be complete without this vintage inspired bowling photo? I love Gandol Photo’s photography.

You have to look cool if you are going to get onto the right bowling team! This one is probably my favorite. I want to be on a team with “Phyl!” Find this cute at mbellishedbloom.

I can’t forget the guys leagues! So, Scotty doesn’t know? This hot number is from CarolMai.

Need a spare? Get one from experimental vintage!

A good bowler always has a good ball bag. This perfect number is from The Paraders.

Get pinned at KatrinakasDesign.

Need I say more? Find this treasure at Anna Belle Arts.
Maybe this will inspire you to hit the lanes or maybe just remember the good old days. Happy Trails!


  1. Hahah, wow.. I haven't been bowling in FOREVER. Now I want to!

    Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  2. that bowling bag is pretty awesome!! and love those vintage shirts too! bowling is pretty awesome actually! the mister and i try to go as often as we can!