Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures in Craftiness: Resin Experiment.

Every since I saw the episode on Thread Banger by The Naughty Secretary I’ve wanted to try my hand a making resin jewelry. It’s always seemed very intimidating. Every time I went into a craft store for a new project I would stop in the isle that had the resin, look at it, think about it, and keep moving. I finally decided to just do it! I’ve been collecting beer bottle caps for a while and figured I’d try my hand at making some magnets first. I’m so glad I did, it’s a snap! As long as you follow the instructions it’s so easy!

Casting Resin (I used Easy Cast )
Bottle Caps (Beer, soda, or even water bottle caps)
Measuring tools that you don’t plan to use for anything but resin.
Funky Paper (Old magazines, craft paper, or little doodles)
A Pen
Craft Scissors
A plastic cup or that you don’t plan on using ever again
A Straw and/or something to sire with

First I traced the bottom part of the bottle cap onto paper and cut out the circle on the inside of the line. I then placed them on the bottom on my bottle caps. If you wish you can glue them down (I would recommend this because my started floating to the top at one point and I had to push them down with my straw.)

Next I mixed my resin. The instructions for my kit called for a well ventilated area, which is a very good idea. Even though the casting resin I bought is low odor, it still smells! The instructions for my kit indicated to mix one part resin to one part Harding solution then mix well for two minutes.

After my two minutes were up I carefully poured the mixture into my bottle caps, and then I waited. It takes 24 to 48 hours for the resin to fully harden.

You can make all kinds of fun things with these little guys! Get some magnets or jewelry making supplies and have at it!

I hope this helped! Don’t be intimated by trying new things, it’s so much fun and easy. As long as you take your time.

Happy trails!


  1. Im glad you posted this! I too have been eyeballing the resin kits for quite sometime but never had the courage! I think I will try it now! Looks good btw:)

  2. so cute! thread banger is such an awesome website! i have some resin laying around, i should try my hand at this!

    thanks for the inspiration!